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Ammazza: Pizza Wars Heating Up in Atlanta

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Ammazza pizzeria, located in Old Fourth Ward, definitely adds some more competition to the never-ending pizza wars in Atlanta. A large group of us descended upon Ammazza on a recent Monday evening. While it was sparsely populated when we first arrived, it was packed by 8:30 when we were getting ready to leave.

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The setup is strange. Walk in the front and order food and drink. You can get your drinks right away. There’s a tap with like twenty different types of beer / wine available. You’ll get a table number to display at your table for food (seating is around the back). The strange thing they have service in the back too…sort of. You are responsible for getting your own dishes and silverware which are located along a back wall but if you want to order any food, servers will take your order. If you want booze, you’ll have to head to the bar. Confused yet?

Even with the strange ordering situation, the process went fairly smoothly. And the pizza is ridiculously fantastic. Pies come in several varieties with around 6-8 slices. I can’t help but compare them to Antico. Ammazza’s pies are bigger, tastier and come sliced up. Prices are around $20+.

We sampled the Ammazzare with sausage, peppers onions and basil. It was glorious, but I liked the Bolognese with meatballs and sausage a tad more, probably because of the addition of Ricotta cheese. Even with sausage + meatballs it was well balanced, each bite not overly meaty. Love this pizza and will definitely be back for more like the Inferno with spicy Sopressata and calabria peppers. One pie could easily feed three people – four if you are light eaters. Ammazza is open late on weekends until 2 am and there’s a free lot next to the restaurant.

591 Edgewood Ave
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 228-1036
Ammazza Website

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