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Amrut Indian Whisky – Nectar of the Gods is the newest coveted spirit


Amrut is Sandskreet for “Nectar of the Gods” and after tasting this great whisky I am a big fan and can see why it’s got that designation.

Check out my interview with Amrut Whisky represenative Ashok Chokalingam, Global Brand Ambassador for Amrut Whisky!

Tell us about Amrut single malt whisky? Amrut is the first to be bottled and come out of India. The distillery founded in 1948 in Bangalore and is 100 percent family owned. We were the first to begin distilling using barley blended with malt, while most distillers in India were manufacturing whisky using molasses.

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The brand became famous after whisky connoisseur Jim Murray gave Amrut Fusion a score of 97.5 out of 100 and declared it the third best whisky in the world in 2010!

Are you the only distiller of Single Malt Whisky in India?
No but Amrut distillery is the first one to distribute to the global market. We started selling our Indian whisky in the United States in 2010 in just a couple states and we’ve found a really high demand for it. We are now in 42 states in the US.

What is the difference between Scotch Whiskey and Indian Whisky?
We are the missing link between Scotland and Kentucky. The whisky matures 4 times faster than in Scotland because of temperature and sea level. The altitude is at 3000 feet above sea level, two fold higher than the highest in Scotland. Plus the humidity in Bangalore is half of what it is in Kentucky.

What is the angel share in Bangalore where Amrut is made vs. Scotland?
So the angel share, or how much is lost in the maturation process is only about 2 percent in Scotland, whereas in India the angel share for our whisky is about 10 – 12 percent. In Kentucky, malt whiskey angel share is 6 percent.

Surinder Kumar, the master blender at Amrut Distilleries, has estimated that one year of barrel-ageing in India is equal to three years of ageing in Scotland

How has Amrut Whisky evolved in popularity in India? At first,India had no culture of consuming single malt whisky back in the 80s, so the distillery blended it with alcohol distilled from sugarcane. Now we can’t supply Indian market with the changing Indian preferences.  We have a priority system for Indian people to get this whisky.


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Sampling from an Amrut whisky dinner with peated Indian single malt whisky

What are some of your limited edition whiskys?
Amrut Two Continents Single Malt Whisky
This special fine whisky comes out every 2- 3 years. Often times they are Bourbon casks and was bottled at 50% abv, while the First Edition was matured in ex-grain casks and bottled 46% abv.

Amrut Greedy Angels
Amrut Greedy Angels was dedicated to celebrate the 60th birthday of chairman and MD, Neelakanta Jagdale. a limited edi, 8-year-old single malt whisky released in April 2013. The eight-year maturation resulted in a loss of of 274 litres of spirit over eight years, from the two Bourbon casks the distillery had used. Only 144 bottles of whisky were released worldwide.

What is the proper way to get the most out of this finest whisky tasting?

Put your hand over the glass for a minute, then smell it and the whisky will have it’s true smell. If necessary add a couple drops of water to your Amrut whisky.


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