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5 things to know about Atlanta Movie Tours’ Big Zombie Walking Tour

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Want to see the fictional town of Woodbury and Alexandria from The Walking Dead? Then sign up for The Big Zombie Walking Tour from Atlanta Movie Tours.

I’ve been on the original Walking Dead Tour from Atlanta Movie Tours which takes place in Downtown Atlanta and takes visitors to some of the locations from the first few episodes of The Walking Dead. But so much has happened since then. The town of Senoia, GA is home to the fictional towns of both Woodbury and Alexandria, key places on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

walking dead woodbury town visit

See the fictional town of Woodbury from AMC’s The Walking Dead on Atlanta Movie Tours’ Big Zombie Walking Tour

Here are several reasons why you’ll love the new Zombie Walking Tour from Atlanta Movie Tours:

  1. There’s all kinds of zombie decor and faux zombies waiting outside the meeting point when you arrive for your Big Zombie Walking Tour. So bring your camera for the Instagram worthy shots. Tip: we even had a Daryl look-alike posing for pics!
  2. Guides are people who’ve previously had a small role on The Walking Dead, usually a zombie, so they have insider knowledge of the show. They’ll give you insights you would not have known about if you were not on set.
  3. The heart of Senoia is a tribute to the Walking Dead. There’s the Walking Dead Cafe where you can fuel up on coffee or breakfast before the tour. There’s Nic & Norman’s where you can dine after the tour. It is owned by Walking Dead cast member, Norman Reedus.
  4. Tours are small enough in size that you can ask the guides questions and stroll along and take pictures as you need. I love that I didn’t feel like I was being herded along during the tour.
  5. On the tour are notorious locations from The Walking Dead like Father Gabriel’s church, the Alexandria Safe Zone wall, and the tunnel where Glenn and Maggie were reunited.
the walking dead alexandria tv show set

See the gate to Alexandria from The Walking Dead on the Big Zombie Walking Tour

What else you need to know about the Big Zombie Tour:

You’ll want to book your tour in spring, fall or even in November or early December while the weather is still mild. During the summer, it will be pretty hot and humid outside. So, book your tour now! Also note that the tour is an hour and requires moderate walking. We had a couple kids on our tour and the younger one, (guessing he was about 6) was getting a little squirmy towards the end of the tour. So I’d recommend not bringing a kid under the age of 8.

walking dead saviors tour

Watch our for Saviors on the tour!!

There is plenty of free parking within a couple blocks of the meeting point. Tours will be available Saturdays and tickets for this Walking Dead tour are $20 for 13+, $10 for ages 7-12. Book by visiting

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