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Aurelio’s Pizza: Anti-Deep Dish Chicago Pizza

aurelio's pizza

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Thin Crust Chicago pizza exists. Find it at Aurelio’s Pizza

When you think of Chicago pizza, what comes to mind? Thick, bready crusts, right? It seems that bread is out and thin crust is in everywhere. So, I was surprised to discover Aurelio’s Pizza (hailing from Chicago) which is thin crust pizza. We dined at the Aurelio’s in East Cobb (Atlanta) but there are locations throughout the country. See link to Aurelio’s site at the bottom of this article.

Red and white checkered tablecloths line the tables at this casual pizza restaurant. At lunch there’s only a buffet, no table service. Tip: If you want to be in and out at lunch, they offer a buffet, but I think their specialty pies which were not on the buffet when I visited, are much better.

aurelios pizza chicago style review

L: Fried Ravioli, R: Antipasto salad

Aurelio’s Trivia:

  • Aurelio’s Pizza has been around for over 50 years.
  • In 1974, Aurelio’s Pizza became the 5th pizza franchise company started in the United States.
  • The flagship restaurant was completed in December 1977. The 16,000+ sq/ft space became the world’s largest pizzeria.

Make sure to begin your meal with the fried ravioli. There wasn’t a piece in sight minutes after hitting out table of hungry bloggers. And the marinara sauce is pretty killer too. Balance that out with Aurielo’s antipasto salad. Of course, if you are trying to avoid carbs, this is a great option if you are among pizza lovers.

aurelios pizza chicago style

Aurelio’s Pizza features a specialty Spinach Calabrese (Calzone)

One of the specials of the house at Aurelio’s Pizza is the Spinach Calabrese (Calzone). It is stuffed with mozzarella cheese and fresh spinach marinated in Mama Aurelio’s secret seasoning and special marinara sauceI wish I could tell you how it tasted, but I didn’t get a chance to try any as there was none left for me by the time everyone else helped themselves. But I certainly didn’t leave hungry. A tomato mushroom, and spinach pizza was delicious and feels rather light if you don’t want something heavy.

But if the carnivore in you is taking over you MUST order the Super Six – sausage, cheese, green peppers, ham, pepperoni, mushrooms. Normally, this isn’t something I would go for. Too much meat on a pizza makes it rather salty. But this pie is perfectly balanced. It’s definitely what I plan to order on future visits or for take out. Of course, you can always build your own pizza if you prefer.

They seem to do a fairly decent take out business, but I suspect weekend nights are rather busy at Aurelio’s with lots of families. Another thing I like about Aurelio’s Pizza is that you aren’t limited to one size pizza. They offer small, medium, and large sizes, so everyone can get their own personal pizza if they like.

chicago thin crust pizza aurelios

Thin crust chicago style pizza

Disclosure: Our meal at Aurelio’s Pizza was part of a media dinner hosted by The Association of Food Bloggers, but all opinions expressed are my own.

For locations of Aurelio’s Pizza and more information visit the Aurelio’s website.

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