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Banjo Coffee keeps it cool With new Avondale Estates location

Located only a brief stroll from the Avondale Estates Square, newly opened ‘Banjo Coffee’ is a must-try joint for coffee enthusiasts.

By Alan Fowler

Banjo Coffee at Avondale was brought to life by founders, Billy and Chasidy Atchison, and is a testament to their patient vision to provide only the finest quality coffee in a creative and expressionistic setting. Banjo began their brewing back in 2015, and their celebrated cold brews can be found at numerous supermarkets and grocery stores around the city. However, the Avondale location was an opportunity to establish a physical presence that matches their company vibe and allows visitors a chance to engage with the Banjo way of life.

Banjo cold brew coffee

Banjo Coffee Avondale Estates, photo credit: Banjo Coffee

Banjo places a high priority on sustainability, creating organic, fair-trade, small-batch brews that present dynamic tasting qualities to go along with their sustainable origin. Banjo has partnered up with Georgia’s first and only fair trade organic coffee company, ‘Cafe Campesino‘ in Americus, GA, to supply their roasts. Cafe Campesino themselves employ a meticulous roasting process that enables the subtle flavors of the beans to be awakened and prepared for Banjo’s 24 hour cold brew process. The 24 hour Banjo Coffee brewing process makes the coffee smoother, more flavorful, less acidic, and even gives it an extra caffeine kick.

Care for their craft does not mean that Banjo Coffee is afraid to get creative. They push the boundaries forward of what cold brew can be, bringing to light flavors that are often left invisible in other, more expedient, brewing techniques. Case and point- their ‘Pitch Black’ cold brew combines specially selected coffee beans with their extended brewing period to produce a full flavor that is naturally sweet and well balanced. Pitch Black opens with fruity notes before transitioning to its sweet and smooth caramel finish.

Banjo organic cold press atlanta

Photo credit: Banjo Coffee

The Banjo ‘Dirty Chai’ cold brew is aptly named as this beverage contains all of the refined qualities of their Pitch Black, but with just a touch of spice to finish. This dynamic expression somehow manages to be refreshingly crisp while also allowing for the chai invigoration to play its part.

Banjo Coffee is not always so cold… their hot expressions are just as noteworthy. The hot brew menu provides a creative range of concoctions which are sure to please any palette. They also offer a handful of specials that are constantly changing, so every day is a new opportunity to explore. With a handful of food pairings to go alongside the coffees, guests to Banjo could stop by each day of the week and never have the same thing twice if they so desired.

The coffees are tasty, the decor is trendy, the patio is lovely, and people are delightful. Such a combination is easy to calculate, and provides all the information one might need make a visit to Banjo Coffee. With the heat of summer approaching, it only makes sense to incorporate a cooler caffeine kick into the daily routine, and Banjo Coffee has all the kicks. Be sure to stop by and share your experience!

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