Bar Margot at the Four Seasons Atlanta elevates hotel dining

Bar Margot, popular chef Ford Fry’s hotel restaurant, is located in the Four Seasons Midtown Atlanta.

The staff at Bar Marot couldn’t have been more friendly or accommodating, from our server Melissa, to the bartender, everyone was pleasant and a delight to interact with.

After a long day, I was ready for a cocktail, and the Gin Margot, Bar Margot’s twist on a gin and tonic, hit the spot. It was incredibly refreshing, but enough to make me feel the alcohol kick in. They have a decent beer and wine selection with some local brews on tap too. My date enjoyed his Reformation Atlas too.

A crab toast with large chunks of crab are presented with creamy avocado. I wish we’d ordered two of these and skipped the twice fried chicken at Bar Margot. With the $18 price tag, I imagined this must be some damn fine chicken. And it was, reminded me of something similar to a General Tso’s chicken, just really not worth the price tag or the calories.

Bar Margot in the Four Seasons

Crab and avocado toast at Bar Margot

Next up was the Bison Tartare. There was a delicious Asian spice in the tartare that was divine. And they aren’t stingy at Bar Margot with the tartare. Even with these share plates we were relatively full. Now if they could just make the potato chip taco shell like at Hampton + Hudson

bar margot ATL Bison Tartare

Biston Tartare at Bar Margot

We ordered the ribeye to share for the main entree. The square cut of beef was plentiful, juicy and tender. I would have liked to have tried the scallops entree also, which falls in the “bread + flour” section of the menu, but my date was a light eater. I’ll definitely be back for that dish. Being a Ford Fry restaurant and located in a hotel, you might assume dining here would be ridiculously expensive, but staying in the share plates and “bread + flour” section of Bar Margot, you can have a delightful and quite reasonably priced meal.

Bar Margot was hopping on the Friday night when I visited and those cozy booths they have make you want to lean in closer to your date.  Service was spectacular throughout the entire evening, very impressive for hotel dining. Bar Margot is an incredible destination for both locals and out of towners.

Tip: If you happen to be staying at the Four Seasons and getting an Uber to pick you up, put in Bar Margot as the destination rather than the hotel, otherwise your driver may get lost.

Bar Margot website
75 Fourteenth Street
Atlanta, GA 30309

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