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Bar None: Wet your whistle with zero proof cocktails


Bar None are the variety of marvelous mocktails you’ve been waiting for

Here’s a bit of a background of Bar None cocktails and why the founders are passionate about them taken from the Bar None website:

We aren’t teetotalers – but totally cool if you are – we just found ourselves chatting about not wanting to drink as often, or as much, as we had before. And it seemed like the only options for us to choose from were club soda and lime or a handful of non-alcoholic beers. When in a cocktail state of mind, we wanted something sipable, delightfully complex and interesting, and definitely not an overly sweet mocktail.


Bar None cocktails – boozeless drinks

Bar None Cocktails come in four different varieties:

  • Bar None Spiced Ginger Mule: An invigorating blend of organic Kombucha and ginger juice finished with a splash of lime and ginseng
  • Bar None Sparkling Sangria: A sophisticated blend of fruit-infused red grape juice with a hint of green tea
  • Bar None Dry Aged Cider: A dry and refreshingly complex blend of natural fruit juices and aged apple cider vinegar
  • Bar None Bellini Spritz: A tangy but sweet blend of sparkling water, peach puree and white wine vinegar

I tried all the Bar None cocktails, but my favorite was the Ginger Mule by far. Organic Kombucha and ginseng? Is this a mocktail or a liquid vitamin? Seriously though the flavor was terrific and I didn’t miss the booze one bit. I will say if you don’t absolutely LOVE ginger, this drink probably isn’t for you. Second favorite was the Sparkling Sangria. They did an excellent job of fusing the ingredients to really mimmic the flavor of sangria. Check out my photo below where they even were serving it in an iced glass, hence the glove!



The Bar None sangria is a delicious zero proof drink

The Bar None flavors come in packs of four and retail for $10.99. While it is a bit on the pricey side for every day drinking it is a great option for those who don’t drink or decide to give up booze periodically, yet don’t want to miss out of on the fun of sipping on a cocktail.

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zero proof cocktails that taste great

Zero proof cocktails that taste great.


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