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Beauty And Beyond: 5 Steps To Take To Reverse The Aging Process


Your body goes through a lot of changes as you age. For example, aging causes your skin to lose elasticity, resulting in more visible fine lines and wrinkles. Aging can also weaken your body and prevent you from taking on strenuous activities.

You can never stop your body from aging, but there are many strategies that can slow down the aging process. As long as you adapt to these early, you can look and feel young even as you reach your golden years. These strategies can even become your key to fooling everybody about your real age!

Try out these steps to reverse the aging process:

1. Use CBD Oil

Your skin is an important organ that weakens as you age. Aside from developing more fine lines and wrinkles, your skin also becomes more fragile and thinner as you age. This increases your risk of developing different skin problems, namely chronic acne and excessive oiliness. 

Adding CBD oil to your skincare routine is a great way to reverse the aging process. This product is made from cannabidiol, one of the cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Contrary to popular belief, using CBD oil doesn’t cause dependency or addiction because it doesn’t contain psychoactive compounds like marijuana.

Buying CBD oil from a reputable CBD store is a great investment because it impacts your skin in the following ways:

  • Prevents Oiliness And Acne

CBD oil may prevent acne because it contains anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and oil-reducing compounds. When applied topically, CBD oil can prevent the over secretion of sebum, the oily substances naturally produced by the skin. Excessive sebum may trigger acne and other skin conditions.

  • Reduces Dryness And Itching

CBD oil may reduce dryness and itching as its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the symptoms of dermatitis and psoriasis.

  • Minimizes The Appearance Of Wrinkles

Because of the antioxidant properties of CBD oil, using this product may also minimize the appearance of wrinkles in the skin. Antioxidants can delay the aging process by preventing the breakdown of the collagen fibers present in the skin.  

2. Stick To A Healthier Diet

The foods you consume can significantly affect how your body responds to aging. For example, eating excessive amounts of white bread can expedite the aging process while dairy can cause oxidative stress, one of the leading causes of premature aging.

If you want to reverse the aging process, pay more attention to what you eat and stick to a healthier diet. Instead of consuming potato chips, processed meats, and carbonated drinks all the time, add more of these to your diet:

  • Green Tea

Green tea contains antioxidants, which can reduce free radicals in the body. Free radicals increase your risk of many chronic health issues, namely cataracts and cancer. 

  • Fatty Fish

Because it has omega-3 fats, eating more fatty fish can result in a stronger skin barrier, better mental health, and a healthier heart. Some of the common types of fatty fish are salmon, tuna, and mackerel.

  • Dark Chocolate Or Cocoa

Who says you need to give up sweet treats just to stay healthy as you age? Eating dark chocolate or cocoa may lower your risk of heart diseases, cognitive decline, and type 2 diabetes. 

3. Avoid Smoking

If you’re not a smoker, good. If you are, start looking for ways to quit as tobacco contains toxic chemicals that can significantly damage the cells of your skin and trigger other signs of premature aging. All of your efforts to combat aging will be useless if you continue to smoke.

Smoking is harmful because tobacco damages the elasticin and collagen of your skin. Smoking also narrows the blood vessels, reducing the amount of oxygen your skin receives. Over time, this can cause deep wrinkles on the face, particularly around the lips and mouth, around the eyes, and between the eyebrows. Smoking can also cause other skin problems, namely sagging skin at the jawline, uneven skin pigmentation, and baggy skin under the eyes. 

Smoking doesn’t only affect your skin as you age; it also has a negative impact on other parts of the body. Smoking can speed up the natural process of hair thinning that occurs with age. 

4. Exercise Regularly

Your body will start to decline as you age, but this should never be your excuse to live a sedentary lifestyle. On the contrary, you should prioritize staying active as you age since this is an inexpensive and effective way to combat aging. 

Studies have proved that regular exercise can provide the following benefits:

  • Builds Muscle Strength

Your body naturally loses muscle strength and mass when you age. This condition is called sarcopenia and causes overall weakness and weak stamina. Resistance training is a great way to slow down that decline and maintain muscle strength. Resistance training will also make it easier for you to accomplish day-to-day activities, namely cooking and climbing the stairs. 

  • Improve Cognition

Your cognitive abilities are also affected when you age. When you reach 40 or 50, it’ll be more challenging for you to shift between tasks, remember appointments, and understand directions. Exercising regularly may improve cognition throughout your life because physical activities keep blood flowing normally to your brain tissues. An active brain is a healthy brain.

5. Increase Your Vitamin C Intake

You don’t have to purchase expensive products to reverse the aging process—increasing your vitamin C intake is enough. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that works by neutralizing free radicals in the body. Neutralized free radicals lessen oxidative stress in the body, minimizing the effects of premature skin aging.

Increase your vitamin C by eating more citrus fruits, bell papers, strawberries, and tomatoes. These fruits are known to have high levels of vitamin C.

Start Today and Remain Consistent

Your success in reversing the aging process depends on your ability to stay consistent. Even if you followed all of the tips in this article, if you revert to your old, unhealthy lifestyle after a week, your body won’t be able to combat aging.

Stay young all of your life by incorporating all of these tips into your daily routine. As long as you follow all of these regularly, you’ll eventually look like someone who took a sip from the fountain of youth!

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