belvedere vodka ginger zest

Belvedere Vodka launches ginger zest flavor

Newest Belvedere Vodka flavor features real Ginger and Citrus

This vodka is a blend of tangy ginger and lemon with a touch of grapefruit. It’s perfect for the season and warmer months ahead, with a wide variety of cocktails that can be made. Of course you can’t go wrong with a traditional Moscow Mule, but see the variation, a Polish Mule, featured below.

Belvedere Ginger Zest Vodka is made by extracting oils from fruit peels, fresh fruit and other natural ingredients that are soaked in alcohol, then distilled.There is no sugar added. It is has a hint of citrus and notes of sweet spice, ginger and gingerbread. For me, there was a lot more going on than simply ginger.  It was almost difficult to discern ginger among the other flavors.

Belvedere Ginger Zest is a refreshing blend of tangy ginger and juicy spring lemons with a touch of grapefruit, creating a unique flavor profile perfect for a variety of cocktails. “In Polish history, there are roots in warming vodka with spices.” Matt Pomeroy, Global Director of Education at Belvedere Vodka.

As far as vodkas go, most are not made for sipping, but this one can be. I did try it by itself and it had a strong vanilla and sweet spice flavor, with more of a citrus taste than ginger. Though I haven’t tried the Belvedere Ginger Zest  vodka in a Moscow mule, I did love it simply mixed with my favorite La Croix flavor, Peach – Pear, though I think it would be great with the coconut flavor too. What will you mix it with?

Belvedere Ginger Zest is available in 750mL/$29.99 USD, 1L/$38.99 USD and 1.75L/$49.99 USD at select U.S. retailers.

Tasting Notes of Belvedere Ginger Zest Vodka

Nose: Aromatic and warming on the nose with a hint of citrus, with notes of sweet spice, ginger and gingerbread.

Palate: Soft, sweet and warming with a velvety texture and refreshing citrus lift, tempered by hints of warming fresh ginger and lemon zest. Medium bodied with a good balance of acidity and spice.


Cocktail recipes featuring Belvedere Vodka Ginger Zest

Polish Mule

2oz Belvedere Ginger Zest
.5 oz Lime Juice
.25 oz Simple Syrup
5oz Ginger Beer
3-4 Dashes of Angostura Bitters

Whip, shake, dump and top with soda. Garnish with lime wheel.


Ginger Zest Spritz

1 oz Belvedere Ginger Zest
.75oz Lime Juice
.5 oz Honey Syrup
4 oz Soda Water

Build in spritz glass. Garnish with ginger and lime slices.

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