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Best 20 French restaurants in America [put these on your bucket list]


Whether you are a dedicated foodie looking for your next Parisian-style culinary experience, or simply looking to make the most of an upcoming trip in the United States, finding the best French restaurants in the sea of dining choices can be difficult. Some offer strictly traditional dishes, inspired by the original recipes of French cuisine, while other establishments offer fresh new twists on the classics. To help you in finding your next fix, here’s a list of the top 20 French restaurants in the entire United States.

  1. Daniel: Founded by acclaimed chef Daniel Boulud, this eponymous Michelin-three-star dining establishment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side offers seasonal dishes and contemporary French cuisine. As Kari Brenda, a food blogger, states, “Daniel Boulud’s namesake restaurant has not only been named the best French restaurant in America by multiple sources, but also as the best restaurant in America overall.”
  2. Café Provence French restaurant  A family owned bistro, Café Provence in Prairie, Kansas, is an award-winning restaurant serving progressive French delicacies.
  3. Le Diplomate French restaurant Located in Washington, D.C., this traditional Parisian-style café bistro serves unforgettable dishes in a cozy, relaxed environment.
  4. Le Pigeon French restaurant Located in Portland, Oregon, Le Pigeon was founded by James Beard Rising Star Chef Gabriel Rucker as a restaurant specializing in French-inspired cuisine with a creative, whimsical twist on classic French cuisine. The menu is frequently changed to highlight local ingredients and make the most of the best, high-quality organic sources.
  5. The French Room: This multi-award-winning, internationally renowned restaurant in Dallas, Texas, features delectable seasonal French cuisine and requires male guests to wear jackets, for the ultimate fine-dining experience. 
  6. Les Nomades French restaurant Originally founded as a private dining room, Les Nomades is a multi-award-winning upscale dining establishment in a beautiful brownstone in Streeterville, Chicago, Illinois. Les Nomades offers a menu of classic Parisian-style dishes with creative twists, serving a fresh, unique expression of contemporary French cuisine – its own tagline is “A fresh expression of French cuisine.”
  7. Joel Robuchon: This chef’s eponymous Michelin-three-star restaurant offers a refined dining experience in an elegant dining room at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, serving exquisite modern French cuisine.
  8. The French Laundry: The French Laundry is a Michelin-three-star restaurant located in Yountville, California, nestled in a beautiful old stone cottage, and specializing in the finest French cuisine. For an intimate, romantic fine-dining experience, and unique culinary creations, The French Laundry is the perfect eatery for dedicated foodies.
  9. Bouchon Bistro French restaurant an authentic French bistro located in the Napa Valley, created by the same chef who launched The French Laundry, Bouchon Bistro specializes in classic French cuisine.
  10. Jean-Georges French restaurant Based in New York City, this classic French restaurant is one of the few restaurants in New York City that still requires men to wear jackets, creating a high-class atmosphere and serving signature dishes from a menu that changes regularly.
  11. best-french-restaurants-America-US-RoamiliciousTrois Mec French restaurant Exquisite dishes created by a collaborative team of high-class chefs are on the menu if you can get a ticket (yes, ticket!) at this restaurant in Los Angeles, California.
  12. Highlands Bar & Grill: For impeccable service and iconic seasonal dishes – think Southern flavors mixed with French technique – head to Highlands Bar & Grill in Birmingham, Alabama.
  13. Everest French restaurant Michelin star recipient Everest, in Chicago, Illinois, offers a range of menus featuring selections of fine French cuisine from James Beard Award Winning Chef J. Joho. James Ross, a travel journalist, explains why it is one of his favorite restaurants: “At Everest, guests can expect an upscale dining experience with incredible views from the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange Building, with elegantly crafted menus from Chef J. Joho, who is also acclaimed for his work operating the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower Restaurant.”
  14. Sixteen French restaurant This two-Michelin-starred restaurant in Chicago, Illinois specializes in French-inspired cuisine and sets its menu four times a year, each time with a new theme to tell a story.
  15. Atelier Crenn French restaurant With a seasonally changing menu and locally sourced ingredients, two-Michelin-starred restaurant Atelier Crenn offers a unique dining experience, serving classic French dishes with a modern take.
  16. Nomad French restaurant   Blending influences from Switzerland, France, New York, and California, Nomad serves unique dishes from acclaimed chefs from its New York City location.
  17. Coi French restaurant: This two-Michelin-starred restaurant based in the North Beach district in San Francisco put its own modern spin on traditional French seafood dishes, made with fresh ingredients.
  18. Gabriel Kreuther French restaurant James Beard Award Winning chef Gabriel Kreuther draws inspiration from classic French technique to serve incredible cuisine at his eponymous restaurant in New York City, New York.
  19. Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare: This three-Michelin-starred restaurant offers an intimate kitchen experience, as guests watch chef Cesar Ramirez prepare seasonal dishes from the extravagant menu of fresh, unique, French-inspired cuisine.
  20. Brasserie L’Oustau French restaurant: This authentic, family-friendly brasserie, located in the Manchester Center in southern Vermont, offers a menu of locally sourced French-inspired dishes, created to merge the French and American styles.

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So, whether you are in search of traditional Parisian-style cuisine for a classic, intimate dining experience, a new interpretation of the original French techniques, a seafood special with locally caught ingredients, or a blend of French and various American styles and flavors, these are top 20 French restaurants in the United States are some of the best options available, for an unforgettable, upscale night out.

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