Fun in Britain: The best nights out in England


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Our neighbors across the pond have some pretty cool spots to party! Here’s where to find the best nights out In England

Unlike some other prominent destinations around Europe, England is known primarily for its daytime attractions. That said, there’s more than enough to keep you busy around the country once the sun sets as well. In particular, the bar and late-night scene throughout England’s major cities is really as unique and enjoyable as that at any other European destination. 

Because this isn’t something that’s often written about or showcased regarding trips to England, I’ve put together a list of some of the establishments that make for the best nights out around England

Fitz’s Bar (a great night out in London, England)


This is one of the classiest bars in London (which is saying something) without being mind-bogglingly expensive or generally exclusive. It’s inside the Kimpton Fitzroy London hotel, and it is a nice place, to be clear, but not one you feel that only wealthy and sophisticated patrons can enjoy. The vibe and décor are actually difficult to describe, though Timeout London did quite a nice job by suggesting that it’s like Rick James and Jay Gatsby got together to throw a bash. There really is a Jazz Age element to a place that is in other respects a high-end modern hotel bar, and altogether is’ a beautiful, original-feeling place for a cocktail. 

Red Light (Best night out in Bristol, England) 

Bristol’s Red Light is an old-school speakeasy of the most authentic sort, and it sets itself apart through a unique entrance that, while unquestionably gimmicky, is also somewhat brilliant. Basically, you step into a red-lit payphone, someone working the bar becomes aware that you’re there, the phone rings, and when you answer and declare how many are in your party, a passage opens and you’re able to head into the bar. It’s actually quite special inside, and the secretive aspect only heightens the joy of having a cocktail here (never mind that the drinks have an excellent reputation). 

Tiger Tiger (Best night out in Manchester, England)


Manchester has a fairly well-respected music scene (even if it doesn’t have Liverpool’s history), and Tiger Tiger is a fitting late night spot for embracing this scene. More of a club than a bar, it’s still not your generic, cavernous place filled with LED lights, too-loud music, and raving patrons. It’s a little bit of a calmer and classier joint in which different rooms actually play different kinds of music, and thus set entirely different atmospheres. It’s a fun club to explore, and if you find a room that suits you, you might just while away the whole evening in one of the cozy booths. 

Heliot Cocktail Bar (another fantastic night out in London, England)

This is actually a bar within a steakhouse within a casino – the Hippodrome, to be exact, one of London’s oldest and finest gaming establishments. Casinos in big cities around Europe have had to look for new ways to entice customers as a result of the rise of online gaming. Sites not just in the UK but around the world are offering a huge variety of games, some of them available for free, and sapping some of the allure from live gaming spaces. Thus, it’s no wonder places like the Heliot Cocktail Bar have become popular. Arguably the main attraction in a massive venue geared entirely toward entertainment, it’s a great bar for you if you like bright, impressive surroundings and buzzing crowds. 

The Smugglers Cove (Best night out in Liverpool, England) 
Liverpool-england-best bar-Smugglers-Cove-roamiliciousIf you’ve ever wondered what it might feel like to be a pirate (who hasn’t?), this Liverpool establishment can give you a pretty good idea. Located on historic Albert Dock in a city with a rich seafaring history, it fully embraces centuries-old maritime culture. Sturdy wooden tables and surroundings, candlelight, anchors and rigging on the walls and ceilings, and a massive rum selection all play into the atmosphere. Amazingly, it doesn’t really seem like a gimmick or even like a themed restaurant so much as just a fascinating, enjoyable place for a drink. 

BallieBallerson (Another wonderful bar to visit in London, England for a super night out) 

This is, in the most literal possible sense, a ball pit bar. It takes the concept of a ball pit best known as a children’s playground feature and turns it into a club-like late-night venue. It has a conventional bar area as well with places where you can simply sit and enjoy yourself, sip a drink in peace, and watch the mayhem. But the main attraction comes in the form of multiple ball pits, with over one million individual balls supposedly in circulation. 

Magic Door (Best night out in Birmingham, England) 

Magic Door is sort of like if Mardi Gras and worldwide “Carnaval” celebrations were crammed into a single venue. It’s a little bit more high-energy than some of the other establishments mentioned here, to be sure, but from face paint to extravagant attire it’s full of festivity and makes for an exciting night out. Suffice it to say, one review of a night out at Magic Door began with, “I’m still picking up the pieces of my mind.” It’s just a funky, completely original place that leaves an impression, and one you should definitely check out if you’re curious about the most unique English nightlife spots.

Suffice it to say, any of these bars or night clubs will offer up a terrific night in England. Which one will you chose for the best night in England?


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