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Here are the top reasons you’ll love the Hilton Sandestin Hotel

Sandestin and Destin are not the same place, though they are located close to one another, just under 10 miles apart in the Florida panhandle. They are two distinct places. Destin, FL is its own city while Sandestin is part of Miramar, FL. From Atlanta it is about a 5 to 8 hour drive and from Panama City Beach it took us about 45 minutes. 

Yes, those sugar sand beaches are just as beautiful as they appear on billboards. And they’ll have you checked in quickly at the Hilton Sandestin. The resort itself is large with two towers and though relatively easy to navigate, allow plenty of time if you are taking elevators to get from one town to another. Alright, let’s talk about what’s so great about this beach destination in the Florida panhandle. 

1. The Hilton Sandestin has their own private beach 

Rather than a resort free for all with beachgoers in neighboring hotels vying for the best spot, the Hilton Sandestin has its own private beach. However, that doesn’t mean the space they do have is wide open. You’ll need to get up early to claim or own space or make a reservation. More on that later. Protip:  If you like long walks on the beach, head away from all the other hotels and condos and veer left (if facing the ocean from the Hilton Sandestin) which takes you along a much less crowded area. 

2. Take advantage of the daily beach setup at Hilton Sandestin 

Daily Beach setup at Hilton Sandestin

For $45, staff at the resort will set up beach chairs and umbrellas for you. So you don’t even have to lift a finger to enjoy the beautiful ocean view with your toes in the sand. The front row fills up fast so to ensure you get the first row, make a reservation. The setup won’t happen before 9 am and there’s a law that says chair and umbrellas much be off the beach by 5. Protip: make your reservations as soon as possible, like as soon as you book your room. You are not charged until the day of the reservation, so no worries if you choose not to use it. 

3. Take advantage of Hilton Sandestin’s Serenity spa for a manicure, pedicure, massage or facial

Zero gravity chairs at the Hilton Sandestin

While you are on vacation, nothing’s better than the beach, but everyone deserves a little pampering too. I had a hydrating facial and I loved it so much I went back the next day for a pedicure. I was lucky to get a slot, but make plans sooner vs later if you would like to take advantage of the spa treatments, especially if you are staying at the Hilton Sandestin during the busy  summer months. Plus, during the day you make your appointment you can have full access to the sauna, hot tub and even the zero gravity chair, Yep, I enjoyed them all. Hint: You should get a facial because you get a small massage to accompany it. I had my neck and shoulders rubbed down as part of my facial. Even a short foot rub too! 

4. Two pools + Hot tub are available at the Hilton Sandestin

Two pools and a hot tub at the Hilton Sandestin

Don’t you hate when you are staying at a resort, and every square inch of space is covered with people? Well at the Sandestin Hilton there are 2 separate pools and they are expansive so you won’t have to worry about crowds, except possibly during busy times. 

5. Have a romantic dinner at Seagar’s upscale restaurant right inside he Hilton Sandestin

Seagar’s fine dining at the Hilton Sandestin

For couples looking for an upscale meal with impeccable service, they should head to Seagar’s. It’s a AAA awarded steakhouse. The name comes from the fact that the restaurant used to have cigar rooms. Those have now been turned into private dining rooms. Expert cocktails like the Sugar Plum Fairy (well balanced and not too sweet)  and items like crab cakes or oysters are a tantilizaing start to dinner. Surf and turf is the way to go especially because the restaurant slices the lobster so it is incredibly easy to get out all the succulent pieces. Steaks a perfection too. 

Surf and Turf at Seagars Hilton Sandestin

6. Hilton Sandestin also has a scrumptious breakfast buffet

On vacation, nothing’s better than sleeping in and starting your day with a hearty breakfast. You can do this at Sandcastle’s where there are perennial breakfast favorites like eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, gravy. Sure, you can order off the menu, but when there’s a chef creating waffles and made from scratch omelettes, why would you?  

7. Have a bonfire on the beach at the Hilton Sandestin

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the party has to end. If you are hanging with a group, a bonfire is a fun way to end your trip. Ask the concierge at the Hilton Sandestin about setting up a bonfire for you and your crew. 

8. Free shuttle to Baytowne Wharf (right across the street from the Hilton Sandestin)

Baytowne Wharf Sandestin

While you have everything you could need at the Hilton Sandestin, if you are there long enough, you may want to get out an explore the area. A neat spot located across the street from the is called Baytowne Wharf. The entire space was designed the mimic a New Orleans theme. There are fabulous restaurants here, a dueling piano bar and cute shops. We loved having dinner at Slick Lips – Key West Snapper, Grouper are delicious, plus choose from several award-winning cocktails. 

One note about the Hilton Sandestin: They have an auto gratuity of 20 percent added on to every check, whether that’s restaurants, the spa or anything in between.

We are so lucky in Atlanta to have our choice of beaches within a 6 hour drive. The Hilton Sandestin is a terrific place to go spend a long weekend.

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