Where to find posh Peruvian cuisine + the best Pisco sours in Atlanta


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I thought I do a great job of scouring my part of town for the best dining experiences, especially Peruvian cuisine, but somehow The Freakin Incan, in Roswell, slipped right past me.

The Freakin’ Incan started out as a food truck, but the Peruvian dishes became so popular, it became apparent they’d have to open an actual restaurant. Luckily for Atlanta, there are two locations you can nosh on Peruvian delicacies: Roswell and Tucker.

First off, I’m always on the hunt for a terrific Pisco Sour. In case you didn’t know, Pisco is the national liquor of Peru and the Pisco Sour is the drink of choice there. I know because Glen and I visited about 10 years ago and two of these outstanding Peruvian cocktails almost had me on the floor. Pro tip: If you like Tequila, you’ll probably like Pisco. And at this best Peruvian Atlanta restaurant they sometimes riff on the flavor, like a passion fruit Pisco Sour. Check out the video below of me taste testing two Pisco Sours.


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Instead of appetizers, the menu at this fantastic Peruvian restaurant begins with “street food” which makes sense since they began as a food truck. You definitely want to start with the Yucca Fritas, which come with three different yet delicious house made sauces. We also had the Mahi ceviche, the generous portion could make for a meal at this Roswell Peruvian restaurant. But the best thing I tasted that night was the Papa Rellena, deep fried mashed potatoes, filled with ground beef, olives and raisins. If you traditionally get empanadas, I’d change it up with this instead.


Hidden in an obscure strip mall you’ll find excellent cocktails, ceviche, yucca fries, and so much more!

Feeling adventurous? If so, there are beef hearts on the menu. Beef heart skewers to be more specific. At this point we’d had so much food, we needed to share an entree. And the Lomo Saltido is a must order when you visit the Freakin’ Incan Peruvian restaurant.



This outstanding Peruvian restaurant features excellent Pisco Sours, ceviche, beef heart for the adventurous eaters and even the classic Peruvian dish – Lomo Saltado (see above)

At the Freakin Incan, they have a partnership with Juliana’s crepes which is great for us who live on the north side of Atlanta and cannot make it over there for their crepes. Glen loved the crepes, but I thought dulce de leche cookies were better!


The flan and dulce de leche dessert at this Peruvian hot spot in Atlanta are to die for, but don’t miss out on the crepes!

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