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Shooting range near me – where Atlanta goes for target practice (VIDEO)

sharp shooters gun range

Shooting is one of the coolest and exciting sports – not only does it set your heart on fire, but it also drives your adrenaline high and keeps you engaged. If pulling the trigger is not something you’re used to doing, this new experience might be exactly what you need, especially in times of stress and during a pandemic. Your first shot will *probably* be your proudest moment because of its intensity. In time, it might even become your best memory.

Whether you want to do this professionally or just as a hobby, you’ll need an open shooting range to practice.  If you’re a beginner, you could even hire a shooting trainer to help you with the basics such as sight alignment, stance, gun care, etc. If you’re preparing for a competition or the hunting season, a shooting range can provide you with the tools that you need to keep your training going.


SharpShooters USA is a shooting range, training center and retail store located in Roswell, GA. The modern facility is expansive and well laid out.

Opened in 2011, this business is one of the premier services offered in Atlanta when it comes to gun shooting. They not only offer high-quality training for customers but also provide gun education and enjoyment. There are over 20 shooting lanes here and some of the best technology available. Their equipment is from Action Target and thus, increases the efficiency of tactical training. You can choose between private and joined classes here too. They also have a cool simulator to engage with “real” life-time scenarios, which is an important process in learning how to shoot. The owner of the business has long been a gun enthusiast and a law enforcement officer.

The staff is friendly, the cleanliness impeccable, and their gunsmith quite helpful. Their sales department is not the best, but you can always stay away from that as their prices are pretty high. Their gun selection is far from spectacular, but this is a good place to practice shooting, nevertheless. The lanes are more than affordable. They’re also great with newbies.

Shooting for the ladies with Sharpshooters

The third Wednesday of every month features Lady Sharp Shooters, a group of women shooting enthusiasts who discuss proper gun ownership, issues and…here’s the best part…practice their shooting skills. Lady Sharp Shooters invited me to sit in on their monthly meeting (third Wednesday of each month) and join these lovely ladies on the shooting range. Eek! Check out my experience with Lady Sharp Shooters in the video below. This is really one of the best shooting ranges in Atlanta, especially for women.

You might think learning about guns and gun safety is boring. But we learned it while playing bingo. Shooting lingo bingo to be exact! After the game with Lady Sharp Shooters it was off to the shooting range. Every person must sign a waiver and surrender an ID to shoot. Staff was friendly and diligent in helping me select the right gun based on my size and experience.

sharp shooters USA gun range

That’s me signing in with Lady Sharp Shooters organizer, Cindy Lifsey. She is the sweetest, but don’t mess with this sharp shooter!

At SharpShooters USA you can drop in to practice on one of their 25 lanes or check out their shooting specials, offered daily. For ladies, Tuesdays are ladies day and lanes are free all day with ammunition purchase. Staff is always available to offer guidance to newbies. Plus, SharpShooters USA offers training classes for all shooters, from basic handgun safety to more advanced, tactical classes. Course instructors are NRA certified, and many are current tactical law enforcement officers.

lady sharp shooters gun range

Success at the gun range with Lady Sharp Shooters!

If you’ve thought about learning to shoot, just want to get into the habit of practicing again or are looking for a hobby that will hone your skills, SharpShooters USA is a fantastic idea. Memberships start at $38.25 per month or $400 annually.

11261 Alpharetta Hwy
Roswell, GA 30076
SharpShooters USA website


2. Quickshot shooting range in Atlanta

Address: 1199 Zonolite Rd, Atlanta, GA

If you’re looking for friendly staff and knowledgeable employees, this should be your first option. However, many ranges might already have these features, so what distinguishes Quickshot from the others? You can get serious discounts by buying a Groupon pass to use Quickshot’s services! The registration process can be quite long, but this place is worth the wait. As one of the least courageous essay writers and first-timer, I did not know what to expect; so I am sure you might experience the same feeling. That’s why you want someone professional and safe when it comes to gun use, and this is exactly what the team at Quickshot will help you with.

This place might trick you because of its appearance. At first glance, it seems quite artsy, not necessarily a place where guns would be shot. After you hear the background story, you’re bought in! The employees will offer you coffee and donuts and will discuss with you anything you want to know. The range offers customers courses for different levels of gun knowledge so that’s also helpful.

3. Quickshot Buckhead shooting range in Atlanta

Address: 2631 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA

Another cool place to have some “gun fun” is Quickshot Buckhead, which is a fun and safe range with a beautiful environment. The best thing about Buckhead is that it is located in town, meaning you don’t have to spend too much time on the road if you are in a hurry. Another great feature is that this business offers more than enough gun options to rent *especially handguns and long guns* for all levels. Instructors here are super friendly and very open to communicating with the student. They will answer all of your questions, no matter how simple or complicated.

A good thing to change here would be adding a gun safety procedure for the shooters before entering the rage. Some people might not be as safe as you think, so they should be kept under close observation. Besides that, Quickshot Buckhead is the place to go to.

4. Safe Shot Atlanta Firearms Instruction shooting range in Atlanta

Address: 1730 Macarthur Blvd, Atlanta, GA

For those of you who are interested in personal safety and security training, this shooting range is one of the best options. One, the range is (again) in the middle of the city, meaning it is easy to access. Two, the instructors are specialized in working with shooters that have had little to no exposure to firearms. Three, the business offers NRA certified classes, private and group instruction, personal security training for your home, etc. They are also willing to rent the place for birthday parties or other events, so how cool would that be? No matter how much experience you have or the training you’ve been through, Safe Shot will fit your needs.

The lessons are of high quality *very informative* and super organized. The instructors are well prepared and will teach you how to protect yourself in dangerous situations. Hint: take Defensive Shooting, it’s one of the best classes here. 

5. Bulls-eye Indoor Range & Gun Shop

Address: 221 West Crogan Street, Lawrenceville, GA 30046

The Bulls-Eye store was opened in 1982 and is still functioning today at full capacity. In 2009, the business became a distributor or Advanced Armament Corp and thus started to offer guns available for civilians. They have awesome machine guns and revolvers of the best caliber, anything from firearms to silencers, ammo, or gear. Bulls-Eye’s staff is friendly and personal and super supportive. They help you feel relaxed and confident and provide the right atmosphere for learning responsible gun ownership. Whether you’re a veteran or a beginner, these people will teach you how to shoot.

6. Atlanta Firearms training shooting range in Atlanta

Address: not specified, please contact Chief Pistol Instructor Tom Mulheron for further details. (404) 451-6061.

This business has been established in 2009 by two amazing airline pilots who used combat pistols as a defense. Their names are Brian Wilson and To Lipscomb; they started teaching NRA basic classes and then soon opened the advanced category. Since the year 2009, the business has grown exponentially, with a total of 1,700 trainees and 10 instructors working for them at this moment. The range offers small class sizes for students to make sure that everyone gets the necessary attention. The most basic class is the two-day one, which is the perfect combination of practical and physical learning. Even though you might think that shooting a gun is all practical, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Knowing how to handle a gun means knowing the right and complete information about it before anything else; and only then shooting.

Your best shooting range experience will be determined by the place you choose to visit. If the atmosphere is tense and employees are not comfortable communicating with, your experience might suffer. The above businesses are all impressive in their staff friendliness and safety levels, so pick a place, and start the journey! It will be fun, I promise.

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