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10 life changing tech gadgets you never knew existed


There is no shortage of weird tech gadgets on the market, but finding some that are also amazing and useful is sometimes difficult. Most gadgets don’t work as they claim to, while others are utterly useless to begin with.

Therefore, here are ten fantastic and unknown gadgets that I found to be super useful. So, give them a try, or maybe by them as a gift for a tech-savvy friend. 

Hygiene Hand Antimicrobial Brass EDC Door Opener

This remarkable simple gadget could actually save your life, the Hygiene Hand Antimicrobial Brass EDC Door Opener began as a Kickstarter campaign, and it raised even more money than its initial target.


As the name suggests, you can use this simple gadget to open doors, but it does a lot more than that. Firstly, it also has a stylus, so you can also use a touch screen, for instance, on the ATM, without using your hands.

All of this might have seemed useless a year ago, with the Coronavirus being able to spread through surfaces, everyone wants to avoid touching items in public. Moreover, the gadget itself is made from Antimicrobial Brass, and it won’t pick up germs from any surface.

LARQ UV self-cleaning water bottle:

The LARQ UV self-cleaning water bottle is a great gadget for everyone. The primary feature that sets this bottle apart from every other water bottler in the market is that it cleans itself, using UV light. It also sanitizes the water in it, and it can keep your warm drinks warm for up to 12 hours, while keeping the cold chilled for up to an entire day.


Therefore, you will never have to worry about that weird smell that comes from water bottles, and you will always get clean water.

Jackery portable power station:

Don’t confuse this device for a portable battery pack, it is more of a power station, it has a massive 67000 mAh battery, and it can provide an output of up to 200W. This device isn’t designed to only charge your phone; however, you could fully charge your iPhone about 25 times on it.

This power station can be quite useful on a camping trip, or you could use it to power your essential gadgets in case of a blackout. If you like to be prepared for unexpected situations, you should think about getting the Jackery portable power station. It costs only $250

ATN X-Spotter HD:

If you are a hunter, birdwatcher, or amateur astronomer, then you will surely own a spotting scope. However, this gadget isn’t your ordinary spotting scope. It has many new and amazing features that make it one of the best.


Firstly, the optic has a gyroscope sensor, which helps in image stabilization when observing distant targets. Secondly, it has a smart range finder, which makes it quite useful for hunting. Thirdly, aside from the optical zoom, it also has digital zooming capabilities, and lastly, if you can record videos and take images through it, that is sent to your phone. You can even view live footage through the ATN X-Spotter HD mobile app. Therefore check out spotting scopes at

The Segway KickScooter ES2

There are two types of people in this world, those who get frustrated when people whiz past them on electric scooters and those who are fans. I have had the opportunity to ride on a Segway through beautiful Door County, WI and explore vistas I would not have otherwise seen. Either way, this product is going to be amazing and super fun for you.

door county segway tour

The best way to see Door County, WI is via segway.

Here’s my advice, don’t get angry at people on electric scooters, get one that is better than theirs. That’s where the Segway KickScooter ES2 comes in; it is the perfect toy for your inner child.

Bluetooth wireless headband:

You may have heard about wireless headphones and wireless earbuds, but this gadget is something different; it is a headband, which also plays music.


The Bluetooth wireless headband is super comfortable and is the ultimate gadget to listen to your favorite songs while running or working out. The fabric is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about sweat getting into the speakers.

This device is also great for listening to music or anything else while you are sleeping. They are a snug fit, and super comfortable even when you turn to your side.

Rocketbook (smart notebook)

These days, we take all our notes on our phones, and notebooks are almost obsolete. However, there is a certain feeling that you get from writing in a notebook that you can’t get otherwise—introducing the Rocketbook, which is a smart notebook.


Technically the notebook only has 32 pages, but you could write in it forever, just write your handwritten notes as you would on a normal notebook, and when you need more pages, you can just back up the page on your cloud drive, and while the pace with a damp tissue paper to clean it off.

Moreover, this amazing notebook only costs $24 on Amazon, so check it out.

USB mug warmer:

Imagine you are pulling an all-nighter to finish a very important project, and you’ve made a cup of strong coffee to help you get through it; however, you get so focused on your work that you forget about the coffee for a while, and it gets cold. Okay, I admit, even in the mornings I’ll savor my first cup of coffee and then the second cup of coffee I let get cold. Why do I do that? No excuses for that with this gadget. 


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This had happened to me so many times until I started using a USB mug warmer. This amazing gadget attaches to the USB port on your laptop, and it is like a coaster that you can keep your coffee cup on. This amazing device will keep your coffee warm throughout the night so that you can have a warm sip whenever you want.

Electric arc lighter:


Are you tired of gas lighters running out? Do you want a smart and modern solution? Well, check out the Electric Arc lighter. This lighter will never run out, and instead of using a flame, it creates a high voltage arc, which you can use to light things up, whether that may be a stove, grill, candle or cigarette. It has a rechargeable li-ion battery, which will keep it running for a long time before you need a recharge.

JBL clip:

JBL is quite a popular brand that is mostly known for making Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, and headphones. The JBL clip also falls inside the same league, as it is a small, but powerful Bluetooth audio speaker.

However, the main selling point is that the gadget is completely waterproof. You could use it to listen to music while you are in the shower. You obviously don’t want to take your expensive phone into the shower, and their sound is just not enough sometimes, however, the JBL clip is going to make your shower karaoke session a lot more fun and exciting.

Author – Mark Taylor is a law graduate working in his uncle’s firm. His hobbies  include collecting guns, hunting and he loves to take part in shooting  competitions. Recently, he has started saving money to open his own  shooting club, to know more about him head onto 

I hope you’ll find at least one of these techie gadgets useful. Even if you don’t want to use all of them I bet you have a friend who could use one or two of them. So why don’t you gift them to your friend? Or you could put them in your Amazon wishlist and you never know, maybe Santa will bring you one of these must have tech gadgets?

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