9 things you can do at Georgia’s Chateau Elan (even if you only have one day)

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Located in Braselton, Georgia, Chateau Elan was founded in 1981 and is the first winery to be started in the Atlanta area since Prohibition ended. Situated on 3500 acres. Though many other wineries have popped up in recent years, Chateau Elan is in a class of its own and is one of the most awarded wineries. Here are 9 things you didn’t know you could do there!

There is so much to do and see, you definitely will want to do it up right and spend a night or two. The resort was totally renovated in recent years and rooms have a modern design. Ours was huge and comfortable. 

Have high tea at Chateau Elan

High Tea at Chateau Elan in North Georgia

Upon check-in there’s a beautiful atrium that is the focal point at Chateau Elan. On weekends there’s a lovely tea that is $75 per person. There’s green teas, black teas and herbal teas to choose from. The friendly staff will bring you any one your want to smell before you order it. It is inclusive of tax and gratuity, making your time there so fun. No need to settle a check when you are finished. 

Relax in a hammock among the vineyards

Yes, there are hammocks in the vineyards. There are not a ton which is a good thing otherwise it would be way too crowded to enjoy yourself. But I’d absolutely bring a book to read. Wouldn’t it be great to relax in these hammock on a warm spring day?

Relaxing in the hammocks at Chateau Elan Winery and Resort

Take part in a wine tasting, duh! 

Sure, if you visit Chateau Elan, you’ll want to do the wine tasting. White, Rose or Red – they are all tasty, even if I am partial to red. Our favorite was the Velvet. Wine tastings are $45 per person and include 7 hefty pours. Note that they do close around 8pm, so make sure you get your last pour before they stop pouring!

You get 7 hefty pours at Chateau Elan’s wine tasting

Rent a wine bungalow at Chateau Elan

Since we have great weather from spring through fall in Atlanta, we are in luck. It is the perfect way to spend a lovely day with your girlfriends. When you rent a wine bungalow for the afternoon you can have it stocked with some goodies and of course a couple bottles of wine!

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Take a mixology class

There are many classes offered at Chateau Elan. You can do yoga if you like, and if you are a foodie, even better. They offer a bevy of cooking classes and and even mixology. Classes are diverse too at Chateau Elan. You can learn everything from putting together a fabulous Charcuterie Board to preparing the perfect romantic multi-course meal. 

Choose from a handful of restaurants to dine

Marc Restaurant at Chateau Elan
Scallops entree at Marc Restaurant Chateau Elan

One of the great things about visiting Chateau Elan is that you don’t have to venture off site to eat and you have plenty of restaurants to choose from and they are spread across the property. We loved our time at Marc, which is the most upscale restaurant on the property. Located adjacent to the winery, they have a lovely outdoor patio that overlooks the property, perfect for those long summer days. 

There’s casual spots like Paddy’s Irish Pub and Sarazen’s which overlooks the golf course. We dined here and had sandwiches and bar food. Don’t tell anyone but we were able to bring our last pour of wine with us from the wine tasting.

Go hiking at Chateau Elan

There are many hiking trails at Chateau Elan, credit: Chateau Elan

There are many hiking trails at Chateau Elan. Of course you can walk along the golfing spots and along the vineyards but there are other more secluded areas to hike. You can choose to follow the traditional hiking areas or go off the beaten path a bit. 

Try a bunch of different Bourbon or whiskey cocktails

Louis’ House of Bourbon is a great place for a cocktail at Chateau Elan
Old Fashioned cocktail at Chateau Elan Resort in Georgia

Just past the lobby and beyond the atrium at Chateau Elan is Louis House of Bourbon. As the name suggests, there are plenty of Bourbon and bourbon / whiskey inspired cocktails to try. They have a bevy of twists on the Old Fashioned. I tried the classic and it was divine. The bar is the focal point here but they do have several games to play like pool or shuffle board. They do a great job of making it like a sports bar but sophisticated enough you want to linger and have a couple cocktails. Check the schedule too as they often have live music on weekends. 

Get a massage at Chateau Elan

Chateau Elan Spa in North Georgia

You know how some hotels just have a spa to check off a box? Well not at Chateau Elan. The spa really is an experience. First, you should know that they have their own building and you can book a room at the spa. Don’t worry it is still walking distance to the other spots and of course there are shuttles that will take you back and forth if you don’t want to walk. Beyond that there’s a health-focused restaurant that overlooks the gorgeous lawn and lake. No matter what service you get, make sure to pick up some of that fabulous Eucalyptus shower spray they have! 

Bonus: You can say you visited an Ozark film site

You may not know this, but when you visit Chateau Elan, you are standing in some of the very same spots Jason Bateman and Laura Linney stood while filming Ozark. Yep. Chateau Elan doubled as the home base for the Mexican drug lord, Omar Navarro. Remember that fun birthday party from the show? It was shot there! 

FAQs Chateau Elan

How big is Chateau Elan?

It sits on 3500 acres. 

How far is Chateau Elan from Atlanta?

This winery is located about 45 minutes from downtown Atlanta. That is with no traffic. On a busy Friday afternoon you can expect it to take about 1.5 hours. 

How much is parking at Chateau Elan? 

Valet parking is $40, but if you are just visiting for the day for the wine tasting or for an event parking is free. 

What do I need to know about the wine tasting at Chateau Elan?

You don’t need to buy tickets in advance for the wine tasting, but if you plan on sitting inside, note that weekends will be busy and it may be hard to find a table. Wine tasting tickets are $45 and you get 7 tastes. The bartenders are quite generous with pours. 

Can I still have a fun day at Chateau Elan even if I don’t spend the night? 

Yes you absolutely can. But I’d get there early. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, you can begin your wine tasting as early as 11 am and I’d do that. You can relax afterwards and get a message or manicure and pedicure. Spend the better part of your day dining in the spa and then end your day with a relaxing hike or bike ride along the property before leaving.

What are the rooms like at Chateau Elan?

Chateau Elan new renovated rooms

They are huge and quite pretty. There is a fantastic seating area if you end up getting there on a and afternoon and still have some work to get done like I did (do you spy my laptop)?

Is there are a pool or hot tub available?

They have both a pool and hot tub at Chateau Elan. There is an outdoor and indoor pool, however the indoor pool is only available to spa guests. It was too cold to enjoy the pool on our visit but we did check out the hot tub a couple times. Note: they seem to close access to the hot tub randomly, so just be aware and it is closed early (yes even weekends at 9pm).

So what are you waiting for? Ready to book your room at Chateau Elan in North Georgia?

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