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Lots of people would be happy to spend their life exploring different corners of our beautiful planet. Still, to quench their wanderlust, globetrotters need to be able to earn their living on the move, which can be quite challenging. If you also want to explore the world, meet new interesting people, experience other cultures, and broaden your horizons, but cannot afford to completely quit working, there’s still a good chance for you to combine work and travel. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience, outstanding skills, or referrals, you still can find a decent job allowing you to make money traveling. Some travel jobs even don’t require any college degree or specialized training, which might be great for beginner travelers. But you shouldn’t expect any impressive salary, of course. After all, if finding a travel job were that easy, the chances are all offices would be empty. So, you might need some dedication, talent, relevant skills and training, and passion to score the work that will sustain you during your travels. Below are some cool options for you to consider. 

Teaching a language in another country is a terrific travel job

One of the jobs you can take up while traveling is teaching. Good language skills can pave your way towards a successful teaching career in a country of your interest. So, if you know English well and are eager to share your knowledge with others, consider teaching abroad! It can be a great chance to not only visit another country but explore it in a way no random tourism possibly can.  You can meaningfully engage with the representatives of different cultures, backgrounds, and walks of life and help create a stronger community by encouraging students to connect in English (or any other language you teach.) Undoubtedly, such an experience will bring you not only a deeper appreciation for other cultures but also a decent pay which will be enough for a comfortable living overseas.   

Remote Work Travel Job

If you’re a professional tutor, you can organically fit your work into your travel schedule by working remotely. You can conduct lessons from any part of the globe. All you need is a stable Internet connection and your skills! And there are lots of other jobs out there you can do online. SMM specialists, coders, transcriptionists, web designers, freelance writers, to name but a few can combine career development with globetrotting. The availability and a wide selection of dedicated tools make working from home a breeze. Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, Discord, Slack, and other apps can help you instantly connect with your clients and colleges. There are also fun tools that spruce up any boring online meetings with cool effects. Check out some of them at

Of course, working remotely might not leave you as much time as your ideal travel job would, but it can help pay all your bills and provide you with enough income to change locations whenever you feel bored. 

Travel Photography

Just like any art, photography requires inspiration. And what better way to get inspired than to travel? So, if you’re an avid globetrotter who can capture the beauty of the world in a single frame, you can easily turn your hobby into an income stream. It’s not a secret that skilled photographers have lots of followers on Instagram and other platforms. They land dream collaborations, conduct expensive workshops, and offer online courses. And most importantly, they do it while traveling. For travel photographers, traveling isn’t only a chance to unwind and recharge their internal batteries but a lifestyle. Scenic mountainous landscapes, cultural world heritage sites, unique traditions, new faces, least-visited countries, and non-clichéd places is what makes the job of a photographer so colorful and amazing. 

So, if you dabble in photography, consider developing your skills if you want to turn your life into a kaleidoscope of bright emotions. You’ll be able to sell your images from around the world and win recognition. You can also cooperate with micro-stock platforms, turn your pictures into unique NFTs, or sell them directly to the connoisseurs of photography art. 

Travel Assistance and Tour Guide Jobs 

Tour Guide can be a fun travel job for an outgoing person

If you have a passion for traveling, you can certainly try your hand in professional tourism. Being a local tour guide will provide you with a great opportunity to come in contact with the local population, learn more about your new country, its history and culture, in particular. You can hear and see much more if you start working for multi-destination tours. 

You can contact a local or international tour company and inquire about their vacancies. Lots of agencies are looking for guides, travel concierges, and interpreters. Or you may want to apply your entrepreneurial skills and organize your own custom tours. Be creative and think about something original and fresh. You can specialize in caste tours, cycling, hiking, or/and trekking tours, show tourists the best local pubs, or arrange food tours to help visitors discover the best local culinary stops off the beaten track.     

Hostel Management Jobs 

As a foreigner, you can be very useful working as a bartender, hostel receptionist or manager. Of course, you’ll need relevant training, good language skills, and perseverance for that. Unlike hotels, hostels offer more positions, both part- and full-time, to international students and travelers in exchange for lodging and food. You can work as a receptionist, provide cleaning services, or tend bar. Some hostels also offer salaries and affordable accommodation.   

There are just some cool travel jobs that might help you combine your passion and work. Explore and develop your talents and think where else you can apply them to make a living while traveling the world! 

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