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Birria ramen and Birria quesadillas near me? Now get ’em at Del Taco (Review)

birria ramen near me birria del taco

Birria Ramen and other birria items are now available at Del Taco. Here’s a full review.

The Birria taco craze is now at Del Taco locations across the country. Del Taco is now offering Birria ramen, tacos and quesadillas and we tried them all. Here’s what you can expect to try at Del Taco in the Birria lineup.

Items are available for a limited time.

    • These tacos start with fresh house-grated cheddar cheese, melted between two hot corn tortillas, filled with tender and savory birria-style shredded beef, topped with diced onions and chopped cilantro. Served with lime and a side of flavorful consomé for dipping.
    • Savory birria-style shredded beef, fresh house-grated cheddar cheese and tangy green sauce folded into a flour tortilla and flat grilled to perfection. Served with a side of flavorful consomé for dipping.
    • A hearty serving of our signature beef broth consomé with fresh wavy ramen noodles, tender and savory birria-style shredded beef topped with diced onions and chopped cilantro.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, Del Taco is debuting a tasty dessert too: the Biscoff Cookie milkshake.

So what did I think of these Birria items available at Del Taco?

Birria Ramen at Del Taco

For me, I try to guess what I’ll like best before trying. In my mind, it was the birria quesadilla all the way. In the past, if I’ve gone to Del Taco that’s what I’ve ordered. Of course it had been so long since I had had Del Taco or fast food of any kind for that matter, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Honestly, I was genuinely surprised at how high the prices were for the portions. The Birria Ramen is really tiny. For the cost, it seemed like nearly six bucks for the small cup of ramen was a lot. The beef to ramen ratio was lacking a bit too. However the beef itself was pretty tasty. Overall though I think the Birria Ramen at Del Taco is the least bang for buck. I will say that it was packaged well for transportation. They had it in a small sealed plastic bag so even if the birria ramen spilled out of the cup it would not make a mess in my car.

Birria quesadilla from Del Taco

Next up was the Birria quesadilla. For the amount of food, compared to the price, this is the best for your money. My husband and split everything in half and dining on all three of those items we were full. The above photo is from Del Taco of the Birria quesadilla, in my order, it had 4 pieces. This item is the one I tastes the beef the least in, I think it just had more going on that overpowered the beef. I also didn’t find the consume dip necessary as it was too overpowering for this.

Lastly, were the Birria Tacos, and honestly, when I unwrapped them I was disappointed. They seemed so small and sad. I had very low expectations. However, of all three birria dishes at Del Taco, this is the best. At first, I didn’t understand why it was so expensive. I meant, nearly nine dollars for two tacos? And small ones too. However, once I took a bite, I fell in love. Ok, maybe that’s exaggerating, but it was very tasty. Even though the birria tacos are small, they are packed full of meat. They were so good they didn’t really need the consume sauce either.

I’d definitely recommend trying to eat these at the store if possible. By the time I got home some of the juice from the beef had made the tacos soggy. But the flavor was great. According to Del Taco, they braise the beef for two and a half hours. It definitely had that distinct flavor of the beef birria tacos I know and love.

Here’s what my Birria Ramen and Barria tacos order actually looked like:

Birria Ramen and Birria tacos Del taco

If you’d like to give the Birria lineup at try at Del Taco before they are gone, hurry in. Also, make sure to try their new Biscoff cookie milkshake which was mighty tasty too!

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