Blacklane Car Ride + New Midtown Bar Tried

With an offer to try a new car service, I thought, why not take it to Midtown’s hottest new bar?

Blacklane car service works with an app or via online booking. You schedule your service and a driver picks you up. Most are professional, full time drivers looking  to add to their income, not people who do this on the side. I scheduled my pickup and my driver arrived promptly in a neat and clean late model SUV. My Blacklane driver had a busy day; he was headed to pick up some guys at the Peachtree Dekalb Airport who had decided to spend the day golfing in some city a short flight a way. He’d also dropped them off earlier that morning. I don’t know how most Blacklane drivers are but mine wasn’t much of a conversationalist until I engaged him. I found out he’s from Ghana and brought his wife here several years after he’d been living in Atlanta. They have one son and he spends time with him in between drives because he never takes a day off. He shared all of this information while nonchalantly navigating through crazy I-75 rush hour traffic, getting me to my destination, right on the dot! I loved that I didn’t have to have the stress of driving in Atlanta traffic for once or deal with parking at my destination.
Establishment, once having it’s home in Buckhead, recently moved to Midtown just outside the W hotel in Colony Square. I thought it was going to be the rooftop bar that was once Shout, but not so.  Walking in from the Colony Square parking lot, head toward the W Hotel. Once you see the signature wood paneling on the right just before the staircase, you’ve found Establishment. The dark woods are used not only on the outside but throughout the bar too.

Charcuterie and cocktails at Establishment in Midtown

An airy patio is what you first encounter and truthfully, it’s where I’d prefer to be, enjoying warm spring and summer weather. But we were back in the areas with more secluded booths with the music extremely loud, making it difficult to hear others around you. While the steak and mac and cheese dishes were quite good, I’d skip food and just opt for drinks, cocktails specifically. A corpse reviver was delicious as was a Manhattan, expertly executed. The unique low alcohol fizzy drinks like Rasperberry Gin Fizz was light and refreshing and my friend (Lizette pictured above), who ordered a daiquiri said the same about as well.

The patio at Establishment in Midtown

Much like Uber, Blacklane includes the tip in the ride, so you don’t have to worry about cash. The only downside is that you must book ahead of time and have a firm departure time as well, it’s not as spontaneous as Uber. But I found the service to be hassle free and my driver very courteous.
Disclosure: My car ride from Blacklane and my food and drinks at Establishment were all complimentary but the opinions expressed are my own. 

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