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Blind Item book review

blind item hollywood book review

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Blind Item is the perfect beach or pool accessory!

This hilarious and hard look at life among A-list all the way to has been celebrities is an enthralling must-read book to be on everyone’s summer reading list.

This is NOT a true story. But every story in this book is true.

Set in sultry Hollywood, the story revolves around three friends who’ve got a stake in the celebrity world. I read this book in three shifts. At the time I got it, I was in the midst of another book, but I quickly became overwhelmed by Blind Item and dropped the other read for it.

Blind Item book review

Blind Item is the perfecto accessory for the beach or pool!

The main character in Blind Item, Nicola Wallace, originally from the midwest, narrowly escapes devastating circumstances and rebuilds her life in West Hollywood as a junior publicist, thanks to her childhood friend, Billy, who’d moved to Hollywood a year prior. Billy worked his way up to always being invited to celebrity parties and pays his rent and affords his Audi lease by selling the stories he witnesses to the tabloids.

Lines are often blurred between publicist, confidant, and whore for the characters in Blind Item. Trying to make a name for herself,  means landing some big name clients for her firm. But somehow Nicola is able to loosely keep her morals whiles being surrounding by corruption. All the while she is being pursued by Scottish turned Hollywood heartthrob Seamus O’Riordan. Like any good fiction, he’s got a secret he keeps from Nicola which threatens to ruin their budding relationship if exposed.

At first I didn’t understand Blind Item’s tagline listed above. But as I read it I understood that the stories or incidents that happen (ie, fires publicists must put out to keep their clients’ names out of the tabloids) and setups to get “papped” are what makes Hollywood tick. They are both sold and used as leverage to make your way up in the industry. I’d never survive there, but I totally enjoyed getting wrapped up in this story.

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