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Brine Seafood Shack, Alpharetta, GA, restaurant review

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This restaurant is closed. The food / drinks are so pretty I can’t delete the post. 🙁

Brine Seafood Shack, located in Alpharetta’s Avalon, features beachy cocktails, a rooftop bar and plenty of seafood dishes.

There’s beer and wine on the menu, and while they do a terrific job at Brine with featuring local breweries, I’d skip these in favor of the cocktails. Cocktails are low alcohol and divided into categories with names like Dayboats and Sundowners. I rarely have a Pina Colada, mostly because of all the calories and fat, but when it is featured as one of the specialties, like it is at Brine Seafood Shack, I had to give it a try and it didn’t disappoint. Another island drink was the Duck Dive Swizzle made with vodka, lime, and gose and served in a tiki glass. However, my favorite was the the Runnin’ Rum with two kinds of rum, lime, pineapple and egg white.

Disclosure: My meal was complimentary, but the opinions expressed are my own.
brine seafood shack cocktails avalon

Pina Colada and other tiki cocktails are delightful at Brine Seafood Shack

We were invited by Brine Seafood Shack for dinner, and we let the manager choose our meals. They picked out several dishes, I wouldn’t have thought to order but loved. First up was the trout dip (pictured below), – delicious. I could have kept noshing on that all evening.

Brine seafood shack alpharetta restaurant

Trout dip pictured with Brine Seafood’s cocktails

They have a rooftop location but there had been a pop up shower just before we arrived and there was no chance of enjoying the soaking wet roof. But it will be great for fall. Instead, we sat inside the casual, yet pretty, dining room. Check out the dramatic ceiling with gorgeous lights and ropes. The space is not huge but they do make the most of it and I love that tables are spaced with a enough distance, you can still have a conversation without feeling like your neighbors are hearing everything you’re saying. If you are dining solo, take a seat at the oyster bar.

Brine seafood shack avalon atlanta

Casual interior at Brine Seafood Shack

Have you heard the rumor that you’re only supposed to eat oysters with the month “R” in it? It’s just that, a rumor. I mean, National Oyster day is August 5th. I asked Brine’s manager about that and he explained that as long as the oysters come from water that is cold enough, oysters are fine any time of year. And man, are Brine Seafood Shack’s oysters ah-mazing!

brine seafood shack oysters

Oysters are available year round at Brine

I wasn’t overly impressed with the ceviche or the mussels, but my husband seemed to like both pretty well. He could’t get enough of the the smoky tomato-based sauce on the mussels.

brine seafood avalon alpharetta

Mussels at Brine Seafood Shack in Avalon

While they may have run out of lobster when Brine first opened, they don’t now, as everything is prepped at Brine’s sister restaurant, The Chicken and the Egg (located in Marietta) and brought over. They receive deliveries of fresh lobster every other day. Give them another chance if they’d previously run out of lobster, it is well worth it. I had the cold lobster roll but they’ve also got a hot one too.

Brine seafood lobster roll

Lobster roll at Brine Seafood Shack

If Avalon is a trek for you, I’d recommend making an afternoon or evening of it. There are lots of stores in Avalon close to Brine Seafood Shack and they don’t take reservations, so you will probably have to wait for table, especially on weekends. So grab a cocktail to go (you can walk around with your cocktails inside Avalon) and the wait will be over before you know it.

6165 1st St
Alpharetta, GA 30009
(470) 226-2190

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