10 Reasons To Bring A Buckwheat Travel Pillow In Your Next Trip

Traveling is a universal hobby that everyone enjoys, especially if it involves touring new places. Nothing beats the feeling of exploring those places that you’ve always dreamt of visiting. To make your trip even more memorable, though, you must include every necessary item in your travel checklist. Of course, among the first things that people remember to have are their phone chargers, cameras, and a pair of clean clothes. 

A travel pillow should also be on that list, especially if you’re not likely to sleep at a hotel along the way. So, what are some of the features that make a good pillow for your next trip? Well, among the main factors to consider include portability, comfort, and ease of cleaning. A buckwheat travel pillow certainly offers all these features. 

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What is a Buckhwheat Pillow?

Before we get into the nits and grits of this article’s subject, it’s essential to understand the meaning and origin of buckwheat pillows. These items basically use buckwheat hulls as the fillings, hence the name. 

The outer cover is made from organic cotton, which makes these pillows environmentally friendly. It’s worth noting that buckwheat pillows were first used in Japan and have since grown in popularity across the globe.  

Here are a few reasons this item should be on your travel checklist:

  1. Guaranteed comfort

One thing that can make your trip a nightmare is an uncomfortable environment, starting from your seat. Whether on a plane or a bus, you’re likely to sit in an upright position for many hours. Of course, for the first few hours, you might not have any issues, but you’ll start to realize the uncomfortable nature of these seats when you want to take a nap. 

This is where buckwheat travel pillows come into play. Make your seat an upright bed by adding one or two of these items. As mentioned earlier, these pillows are made from organic cotton, a material known for its softness. Therefore, the whole product feels soft and is also breathable, making it comfortable for any user. 

Another important feature is the fact that any buckwheat pillow can be folded. Therefore, users can customize it to meet their personal needs. For instance, one can change the design and shape of the pillow to help them sit and sleep more comfortably. This also opens up a wide range of options for you as the user. You can either adjust them to support your lower back or the neck muscles. 

With all these benefits, you can easily relax and even sleep for a few hours during the trip without any issues. However, sometimes even the best pillows cannot help you get that much-needed sleep. If you’re in that situation, you might want to try a natural sleep aid to give you that deep and restful sleep during or after your long journey. 

  1. Offers back support

If you’ve made long trips before, then you already know that most parts of your body suffer a lot of pain due to long hours of sitting. Your neck is one of the main areas affected in the process, especially if your seat doesn’t have a comfortable neck-rest. But that’s not the only area of concern. The lower back suffers the same fate, and the most unfortunate part is that it can become a serious injury if care is not taken.

To avoid such problems, you’ll need a nice pillow that won’t only provide comfort but also support for the back and neck muscles. A buckwheat travel pillow can do a great job at that. Having one supporting your lower back will ensure that you enjoy your trip and complete the journey without any unnecessary injuries.

  1. Adjustable

As previously stated, a buckwheat travel pillow is customizable and easily fit any user needs. While on the same breath, it’s worth noting that these items can be adjusted in terms of size, shape, or design to achieve the same purpose. Remember, everyone has a personal preference when it comes to pillows. You might like slightly elevated head support while your spouse enjoys sleeping on a thick pillow. 

Most, if not all, buckwheat travel pillows come fitted with zippered cases. As such, you have the ability to replace, add, or reduce the buckwheat hull fillings. This feature is crucial for the end-user because it allows them to change the size of the pillow to fit their needs. It’s a feature that you can rarely find in any traditional pillow simply because of the type of fillings used. 

  1. Cleanliness is paramount

Of course, hotels will offer everything to their customers to ensure that they feel comfortable and come back for more. However, comfort isn’t the only main factor that attracts or sends away potential clients. Cleanliness is a priority for most people, and if you’re in that category, then carrying your personal pillow around may be the best option. 

All competent hotels wash and replace the beddings between guests to ensure a sparkling environment. However, pillows are often left untouched because of the work involved in cleaning them. Regardless of the pillow’s quality, there is a considerable possibility of bacteria building up over time, and that can compromise your hygiene.

To avoid such uncertainties, you can pack your personal buckwheat pillow on every trip. This way, you can replace hotel pillows with one that you’re used to and enjoy the night. It might seem like a small change, but that will give you peace of mind and ensure that you get a restful sleep. 

  1. Easily washable

Still, on cleanliness, buckwheat pillows have an advantage over their traditional counterparts because they are washable. If you’re always on the road or are planning for a trip in the coming days, you’d want to carry with you clean items. Rather than buying a new pillow for such an event, it would be much cheaper and easier to have a product that can be washed before, during, or after the trip.

The good thing about these pillows is the fact that buckwheat hulls can be removed. As such, it makes it easier for you to do the cleaning since you’ll only need to wash the cover. Also, the fact that the pillowcase is made of soft cotton simplifies your work even further. Therefore, if you value hygiene like many other travelers, a buckwheat pillow should be on your checklist. 

  1. No allergies, just comfort

One of the most significant issues faced by travelers who opt to sleep in hotels is the worry of sleeping on dusty beddings. Many people are allergic to such environments, and sleeping on unwashed pillows may worsen the situation. The fact that most hotels don’t wash their pillows frequently means you’re likely to come across a lot of dead skin, mites, and dust on these items. This can be irritating not just for an allergic person but for any other user. 

Buckwheat pillows, on the other hand, have little to no effect on an allergic person. The smell from buckwheat hulls may be a problem for the first few days, but everything becomes fine once you get used to it. Keep in mind that every material used in the manufacture of these products is organic, which reduces the chances of allergies even further.

Sometimes allergic reactions aren’t necessarily due to irritating materials but rather a change of environment. If you’re used to buckwheat pillows, then shift to synthetic products, you might experience these reactions. Therefore, carrying your personal pillow around ensures that you won’t have to deal with this problem during your trip. 

  1. Versatility 

Buckwheat pillows can be used for just about any occasion that requires comfort and physical support. Of course, their primary purpose, especially when traveling is to support your neck and back. All you need to do is place it strategically on the seat and enjoy the ride.

Many people also use this item as an armrest when they’re reading or typing on their laptops. You can also place it on the couch and grab it while lounging or watching TV. There is a wide array of options when you have a buckwheat pillow at your disposal. You can use this item in all sitting and sleeping positions. Therefore, including it in your must-have list will ensure that you meet your desired needs during the trip. 

  1. Breathability

Another reason you should bring a buckwheat pillow to your next trip is because of its breathability. Apart from providing the much-needed support, this pillow also cools your neck and head, which is an essential factor for anyone looking to get some good sleep. 

The buckwheat hull fillings are designed to allow better air circulation than most traditional pillows. A polyester pillow, for instance, traps the user’s heat, making it hot and leading to sweating. The air spaces between buckwheat hulls, however, prevent such occurrence and ensures comfort. Therefore, whether you’re sleeping on the beach or in a bed, you’ll always enjoy the cool temperatures that come with this pillow. 

It’s worth noting that these pillows can be used in any climatic conditions, but they’re ideal for those trips in warm locations. You can use them throughout the day without any discomfort. Also, the fact that they’re adjustable makes them a good option if you’ll be changing locations throughout the day.

  1. Durability

Apart from comfort and versatility, you’d want to have a product that you can use for the longest time possible. A buckwheat pillow is one such item that fits the bill. Every material used to make this pillow is durable. Therefore, you can enjoy its comfort during several trips and still use it as your bed or couch pillow at home. 

Remember, traditional pillows only last for about three years. That means you can only use them for one or two long trips before they wear out. On the other hand, the cotton and hulls used to make a buckwheat pillow enable it to remain intact for up to 10 years, which is quite amazing. 

  1. It may help relieve migraines

Many people experience frequent migraines, which can affect how they accomplish their day-to-day duties. Dealing with this pain while traveling can make the whole trip a nightmare. There are many known causes of migraines, and the main ones include poor spinal alignment, soft tissue strain, poor airway support, and irregular pressure points on the beddings. 

Fortunately, there are several remedies that could help reduce such pain and ensure a memorable experience throughout the trip. The best and perhaps most natural option you can choose is the use of a good pillow. According to studies, this can reduce the chances of experiencing migraines by a significant margin.

Buckwheat pillows are among the top options when it comes to alleviating these symptoms. They are designed to support the airways and all soft tissues above the neck region. Also, while napping on your seat, either in a bus or plane, these pillows can help offer soft pressure against various contact points on your neck and skull, giving these areas sufficient blood circulation.

It’s worth noting; however, that buckwheat pillows shouldn’t be your go-to treatment if you’re experiencing severe migraines. In such a case, it would be wise to see the doctor before embarking on your trip to avoid further complications. 

Are you convinced a Buckwheat Pillow is right for you now?

There are many things to consider when planning your next vacation. Where, how, and what you’ll sleep on is one of the most important aspects that should be kept in mind. A buckwheat pillow makes your decision easier because of the comfort it offers, coupled with its versatility. This product is also very durable, which is another advantage over traditional pillows. 

These are some of the main reasons why you should carry a buckwheat pillow with you whenever you go on a trip. If you’re visiting a warm location, this pillow will come in handy because it offers excellent air circulation, which ensures that you enjoy a cool and restful sleep.

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