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Burnt Hickory Brewery, Kennesaw, GA Celebrates 2 Years

burnt hickory brewery kennesaw

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When I tell most people I went to a terrific brewery in Kennesaw, the reaction is always the same – “I didn’t even know there was a brewery in Kennesaw.” Burnt Hickory Brewing just celebrated it’s second year producing some mighty fine tasting brews.

Apparently they only do about one “open house” per month. They don’t call them “tour” because the events mostly consist of people hanging around their driveway. We arrived around 12:30 to find it already jam packed. After talking with some staff we found this was as slow day by their standards (there were two other beer festivals going on around the city).

burnt hickory brewery new beers

Burnt hickory brewery kennesaw

We paid $15 for eight taste tickets. Rather than having eight tastes each, we felt that between my hubs and I, four each would be plenty. And it was. Those are some high gravity beers, so be warned if you are a lightweight.  The staff there is totally friendly too. When we bought our tickets, they even told us the Red Velvet porter would go quickly, so if we wanted a taste we should hurry. They seem so much more enthusiastic than the folks over at Red Hare.

burnt hickory brewery band

What’s a Birthday Party without a clown?

There were two lines for samples of which they had four beers to choose from. There were another four special kegs in another line. I never really had to wait very long at all for the regular brew tastes. There were two girls pouring beer. The blonde one was totally stingy with her pours, but the brunette was much more generous. Even with Stingy McStingerton pouring several tastes, I still had a slight buzz.

ale sharpton burnt hickory brewery

The fab, Ale Sharpton

L to R: @atlfoodwriter, @sprayberrybot, @atleatsntweets

L to R: @atlfoodwriter, @sprayberrybot, @atleatsntweets

Once the announcement was made that they would be tapping the specialty keg a long line formed and I didn’t have the patience to wait in the line especially since their other brews were so awesome. But luckily my pal, Ale Sharpton, was there and got me a taste of the curry beer. Yes, that’s right, curry flavored beer. It was strong, but totally unique. Can’t wait to see what other neat brews they come with at Burnt Hickory Brewery.

Burnt Hickory Brewery Website
2260 Moon Station Ct NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144
(770) 514-8812

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