Butcher and Brew in Alpharetta Review

The small spot is located next South Main Kitchen, in the heart of Alpharetta. The small menu is upscale pub food – wings, bowls, sandwiches and a couple appetizers. For as small of a menu as Butcher and Brew has, it was surprising that they were already out of at least one item, before it was even 6 pm. There’s a decent amount of craft beers available, but I would have liked to see more of a variety of local beers available, even if it is just bottle.


The Balsamic Cherry wings are a must when you visit Butcher and Brew in Alpharetta

Butcher and Brew resembles its sister Restaurant, South Main Kitchen, a bit in the decor but similarities end there. The restaurant is loud (but not so loud you have to yell at your dining companions). Service feels rushed though. Our entrees (sandwiches) came out minutes after our appetizers. And tables are tiny! Clearly, nothing is really paced so you can enjoy a leisurely meal. As tables are in demand, even with the gorgeous fall weather and diners spilled out on to the sidewalk, they want you in and out to turn that table.

Wings have unique flavors like the Balsamic Cherry and Korean BBQ. However, they are a bit pricey at > $1 per wing (order in quantities of 8).  Since we wanted to try the Thai Ginger and the Balsamic Cherry  (see photo from Butcher and Brew above) we did a double order. If you love ginger, the Thai wings are great, just don’t expect any heat. However, a Balsamic Cherry is much more interesting and unique. Besides wings, you can also find appetizers like Fried Cauliflower, Poutine and Goat Cheese Fritters on the menu.


The Underwood at Butcher and Brew in Alpharetta

Entrees at Butcher and Brew mostly consist of sandwiches. They are hearty, and reasonably priced at just around $14 and come with a side. The bowls have a heftier price tag once you start adding proteins to them. Without protein, they are a healthy and affordable item. The Underwood sandwich at Butcher and Brew in Alpharetta (pictured above), with house made pastrami is delicious and comes with a heaping portion of fries. If you aren’t famished, two could share this and be quite satisfied. The Lamb sandwich, while packed full of lamb, was quite bland. It’s rare that I would ever ask for salt in a restaurant, but this sandwich needed it. For the many items that are packed into the sandwich (peppers, pimento spread), it was surprising how bland it was. Though, given the choice, I’d prefer them to go heavy on the protein and light on vegetables and sauces.

Butcher and Brew would make a good spot for a lunch or a fun spot to down some brews while watching the game, but it’s not what I’d call a gastropub. Note they don’t take reservations either.

3 S Main St
Alpharetta, GA 30009
(678) 585-3344

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