Careers That Suit a Family Lifestyle

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When you’re free and single, you can pursue pretty much any career you choose, without having the ties of being a partner or a parent. However, humans are social creatures, and most people do end up being part of a family. Your family might just be you and your partner, or you could have children of your own, inherit a new partner’s children, have extended family members living with you, and many other variations on the theme.

The one unifying factor about being part of a family is that you now have a commitment; you need to be there for the other members of your family and make time for them. No more last minute jetting off for a weekend away – unless you all go! The rewards of being part of a family more than make up for any lost freedoms, but what if you’re already in a job that demands a great deal of your time?

Jobs that are notorious for their extensive and often unsocial hours like police work and law can be challenging to maintain when you have other commitments unless you have a very understanding family and a boss who doesn’t expect too much of you. So how do you find a new career path that’s more suited to a family lifestyle?

Find a less demanding career

The answer for many people is a sideways move, as many careers that require a considerable time commitment have related career paths that are less demanding of your time. For example, management is often a good option for people who are skilled at what they do but are looking for a less exhausting work life.

Move into management

In many sectors, such as nursing or construction, you have to put in long hours, do physically exhausting work, and very often work in shifts. None of these aspects of your job fit very well with a family, but if you move into a management role, you can work regular hours, be less physical, and ironically, very often get paid more as well!

You’ll still be in the industry you know and love, but it will be much easier to balance your work and home life. If you’re thinking about moving to management or another role within your sector, you need to be sure you have the skills and training to succeed before you take the plunge.

See what further education can offer

Fortunately, advances in online education mean that even very hands-on jobs like nursing and construction offer further and higher education opportunities that you can take advantage of. For example, the Master of Construction Management course offered by the New School of Architecture and Design could give you an invaluable qualification and knowledge of the science, architecture, and business management aspects of construction that would open doors to a management career.

Remember, just because you aren’t aware of an opportunity to take your career in a new direction doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist. If you’re looking for a more family-friendly role now your circumstances have changed, do some research and find out how you could have a more harmonious work-life balance.

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