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How to celebrate during quarantine [lockdown doesn’t have to stop the fun]



During these difficult times, celebrating with family and friends can be super difficult. I’m inspired by John Krazanski’s Some Good News and want to share ways we can all celebrate with others even if we can’t reach out and touch them. 

So, here are some ideas that will help you plan an amazing anniversary date or birthday celebration while practicing self-quarantining and self-isolation.

Get take-out from your favorite restaurant during lockdown

The fact that you can’t go to your favorite restaurant doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy their food. Luckily, plenty of restaurants still are offering takeout or delivery. Leave a nice hand-written invitation to your significant other and ask them to join you in the evening. If you have a backyard, you can even have a romantic dinner date outside. Set the mood by decorating the area where you’ll be having your dinner, get some cute clothes on and order your favorite food online. This is my favorite way to celebrate because I know I am supporting local businesses as well. Some In Atlanta offering take out are Agave, Bistro VG, Chow Down ATL, 5Church, Ray’s Restaurants, RO Hospitality, Poor Calvins, Word of Mouth Restaurants

Movie night during quarantine

Sure, you could totally do this during a non-quarantine time too. But it is still a great one. And let me guess how it goes? Order a pizza and then browse Nerflix for a movie to watch. Am I right? Here’s how you make it even better. Put some thought into it. Are you both Indiana Jones fans? Plan to watch one or two of the movies that evening. Or rent one of the new releases that are now available since theatres are closed. Instead of pizza, make popcorn and have your favorite candy. Open up a bottle of champagne or that spirit you’d been “saving for a special occasion. You don’t have anywhere to go tomorrow, so you can stay up late. 

Try a Rose tasting or tequila tasting during quarantine (remote classes available)

Euphoria-festival-greenville-rose tasting

Sure, you’ve done a wine tasting and learned the rules: white goes in this glass and pairs with this food. Red goes in this glass and pairs well with xyz dishes. Why not delve deeper into a specific wine like Rose. Or forget wine altogether and try a spirit like tequila. Did you know that spirits can be enjoyed and sipped and not just mixed in cocktails? For this, you will need a few bottles of different wine varietals or types of spirits.

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The ultimate guide to a hosting a tequila tasting [with printables to make it extra fun!]

Make sure you have some fruits and cheese on hand.  You should also get some nice crackers to clear your palate in between different sips. Not sure, how to have a tasting? There are plenty of resources online for how to have a fun and informational tasting. 
Do note that if you are isolated, drinking alone can be a downer. If you’re find yourself feeling sad, check out this article.

Learn a new skill together as we are practicing social distancing

Lockdown is the perfect opportunity to learn something new. You definitely can’t say you don’t have enough time for this. This can be virtually anything, from learning a new language or taking dance classes. Here’s a listing of remote courses that start at $20. Of course, if you need to order supplies in advance, make sure to get those in time for your course. While the course may be remote, it is probably at a scheduled time and might not have a free replay. 


Fun Quarantine Game Right here:


Adult-Bingo-Quarantine Edition-roamilicious


What about celebrating a birthday or graduation during the era of quarantine and social distancing? 


Date-flexible airline tickets to somewhere fantastic 

So many airlines and vacation packages are now offering date flexible options. Obviously with the spread of COVID-19 we don’t know when it will be safe to travel again. And will we experience a second wave? Who knows? But if you want to still give that graduate or birthday boy or girl a trip for a present, you can still do that by booking a trip that is either refundable or offers flexible options. If booking online, read the fine print. But I’d recommend dealing directly with a travel agent as they know all the ins and outs of travel restrictions during this challenging time. 


You could do a zoom Happy Birthday sing along or put together a video greeting from friends all over

Work with friends to cobble together a birthday video card 

If you are short on cash, but still want to do something memorable for a young one’s birthday, a video card is a super idea. Plus you don’t have to have much skill to do it. Just get in touch with the group of friends, or you could even have a group email chain setup. Ask them to each create a short 30 second or less video. 


Order something Personalized (Etsy, Zazzle are all good for this)

Could be a piece of jewelry, a phone case, socks with a picture of their pet. So here’s one that may be considered a bit passe but I think never goes out of style – an engraved pen. If they are much younger, consider a personalized story book. When I had my husband’s birthday party, I ordered a custom sign over the fireplace. Though it was just for a short amount of time, it made the room look more appealing. 

Do you have a budding cook on your hands? Why not get them a monogrammed apron to encourage them to continue their hobby. Or perhaps get them a journal with their initials on it to keep them interested in writing and reflecting.  

Social distance birthday serenade from the sidewalk


Going bonkers trying to think of ideas to entertain your kids during quarantine?

I’ve already seen this done a couple times in my neighborhood. I mean, how sad is it that kids can’t have a birthday party? It’s fairly simple – just ask their friends’ parents to drive them your house at a certain time. They’ll slow down to wave and honk at the birthday prince or princess. 

Drive by scavenger hunt having to find things at different friends and locations

Friends can leave different items in their yard to be found during a scavenger hunt. This could be quite fun for a younger child, who’s been trapped indoors for quite some time.

Game night fun during quarantine

You probably have at least a game or two stashed somewhere in your home. So, go and grab your favorite ones, set them up on your dining room table and get to playing. When was the last time you had a fun video game night together? Since everyone’s practicing social isolation and distancing, it leaves us with more time for gaming! Make sure you get all of your favorite snacks and drinks close by and prepare yourselves for some good old fun. Or if you are not in the same house, you can also find an online game to play! 


The fact that you’re stuck in quarantine for your anniversary doesn’t have to be all that bad. The day can still be super fun but only if the two of you decide to make it so.


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