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Choice Organic Teas Product Review


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Choice Organic Teas – Fair Trade Tea with luxurious aromas and flavors.

Choice Organic Teas sells more varieties of Fair Trade Certified tea than any other tea company in North America. They offer green, black, white, herbal, loose leaf teas and other varieties as well.  Last month, Choice Organic Teas sent me a sampling of their organic teas to review.

[quote] From the Choice Organic Teas website: We see the effect that forsaking cheaper, destructive farming methods has made. Organic cultivation methods regenerate and refresh farming soils and protect wildlife and the health of those who farm the land. Equally important, Choice Organic Teas only trades with estates that treat their workers fairly.

Though Choice Organic teas has many varieties, I chose a sampling to try a variety of what they offer. Below is what I tried.

  • Chai Spice Black Tea
  • Lemon Lavender Mint (caffeine-free)
  • Dragon Well Green Tea
  • Beauty Detox
  • Sweet Licorice Mint (caffeine-free)

The Dragon Well Green Tea and Beauty Detox tea were pretty straightforward green teas that I’m used to. The Beauty Detox was a Jasmine Green tea. According to the box, the tea “encourages your body’s natural detoxification process.” It contains Burdock root – a detoxification aid for liver function to promote clear skin from the inside out. I’ve had about five glasses and while I know green tea is terrific for you, I’m not sure if I’ve had enough of this to have an effect on my skin.


Sweet Licorice Mint is a surprise, especially for those that don’t like licorice.

The Lemon Lavender Mint herbal tea was a nice departure of what I’d normally have and I enjoyed the lemon oil used in it. This particular tea tasted very quality. The Chai had a pleasing aroma and as Chai is one of my favorites, I drink it regularly. With other chai teas, I find myself adding cardamom, as I find most brands lacking, but Choice Organic Teas Chai had a generous of cardamom, and made for a lovely addition to an afternoon snack of cake or pie during the Holidays.

The surprise favorite was the Sweet Licorice Mint. I didn’t expect to like this tea at all as I’m not a fan of licorice but my husband loves it. I ordered it for him but I snuck in a sip when I made him a cup and I was in love. I actually don’t taste the licorice, but the love the sweet aftertaste that comes with every sip of this calming tea.

Choice Organic teas are sold in stores and on their website. Locally, you can find them at Kroger and Whole Foods. You can also order Choice Organic Teas online. Choice Organic Teas offers free shipping on orders over $49.

Disclosure: Choice Organic Teas provided the samples for me at no charge, but the opinions expressed are my own.

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