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Hit the Motherload at City Barbecue

city barbecue restaurant atlanta review

Feed a crew with the Motherload at City Barbecue

Disclosure: My meal at City Barbecue was complimentary

With locations in the southeast, City Barbecue opened a new location in Johns Creek recently. We visited at 5 pm to avoid the crowds – or so we thought. The place was still packed at that early hour. It was a Saturday, though. Entering City Barbecue, we saw that although the line to order at the counter was long, it was moving quite quickly.

There were four of us so, instead of each ordering a plate, we ordered the Motherload which comes with a sampling of each of the meats (sausage, brisket, turkey, pulled pork, chicken, ribs and 6, yes 6, sides). It’s a great deal at just under $60.

Though City Barbecue’s menu states that it feeds 4- 6 people, I think 8 is more realistic. And we were all famished when we sat down. We all skipped lunch in anticipation of this lunch / dinner combo. And we still had tons of leftovers.

city barbecue restaurant atlanta review

Order the Motherload for a sampling for all the meats at City Barbecue

The hardest part of our decision was having to decide what sides to order. It’s nice that if you are feeding a crew of 6, each person could choose their own. Don’t be fooled by the deceptively small looking containers, City Barbecue is quite generous with their sides in addition to their meats. While the mac and cheese, baked beans and corn pudding were the most popular, the collards and cucumber and onion salad was nothing to dismiss. Though I would have liked the latter better at City Barbecue if they had added tomatoes to it. Sadly, the coleslaw got the cold shoulder from all of us. It was nothing personal, there was just so much more goodies on the platter.

city barbecue review atlanta

To go boxes are available throughout City Barbecue and you’ll need them!

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