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Come N Get It: Home Cooking in Marietta, GA

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This Southern / Greek / Comfort Food establishment has been open for two years in Marietta. Mr. ARB had been telling me how freakin’ good it was and after numerous times brushing him off, I acquiesced and we grabbed a meal at Come N Get It on a recent Saturday evening.

As you would expect, the decor is pretty country-fied. The menu is a mix of Southern favorites like Fried Chicken, Meatloaf and Country Fried Steak as well as Greek specialties such as Mousakka, Souvlaki, among others. Choose two sides, corn bread or Texas toast, and a drink with your meal for just under ten dollars. At lunch choose from sandwiches for around six dollars or combo with side and a drink for eight.

Having a hankering for fried chicken, Mr. ARB and I both ordered it on the night we visited. However, he’s had both the meatloaf and country fried steak and extols his love for them on a regular basis. On this night, the fried chicken plus onion rings and mac n cheese really fulfilled my need for comfort food. The onion rings are some of the best I’ve had and the chicken was huge!

Owner, Nick Tiliaeous, a gregarious and chatty person, I observed, gets to know his customers rather quickly. He spied me taking pictures and wandered over. Before long, he was telling me all about his Greek heritage, his disdain for Yelp employees, his plans for expansion and new service to be added soon along with a tour of the private party rooms as well as the secret ingredient that makes his biscuits so craveable.

Nick told me he has been approached by Yelp and asked to take down his religious fixtures, but he refused. He feels he is being punished by Yelp as they “hide” most of his positive reviews. It is curious how so many of Come N Get It’s reviews are hidden. Perhaps there is something to that…

Personally, if a restaurant’s religious beliefs are not forced on me and don’t hurt anyone, I don’t care what religious propaganda they want to display. I just care if the food is good and the service is friendly. And they were. Nick even says he tries to source from local suppliers whenever possible. Chicken is sourced from Tip Top Chicken and vegetables are sourced from various local suppliers too. Always a plus in my book.

Before leaving he insisted we try his Baklava. It was heavenly. Nuts, honey and phyllo all blended together perfectly and it wasn’t overly sweet as sometimes Baklava can be.

There’s so much more on the menu I want to try – Mousakka, Lasagne, Country Fried Steak. I did make it back to have the Gyro and give their biscuits a try. Pretty darn good. Oh and that secret ingredient in the biscuits? Greek Yogurt.

1409 Church St Ext
Marietta, GA 30060
Come n Get It
Come N Get It Website

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