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Craft Izakaya at Krog Street: Drinks and Tapas

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Krog Street Market certainly is a hot spot these days. I’ve only been a couple times and always discover a new place I need to put on my “must try” list. Back in January, I visited Craft Izakaya. I love the bar just outside the main dining area where you can pop in for a quick cocktail. During my dinner Vampire Diaries star, Ian Somerhalder, even stopped in. See, I told you it was a hot spot.

On my visit I spied Arianne Fielder, Atlanta’s cocktail goddess hard at work and even tasted one of the craft cocktails, the Thai Complex, though I really enjoyed the Hitachino Nest Ginger Ale more with the food.

Besides craft cocktails and sushi, they’ve got a fantastic bunch of small plates. I enjoyed the small plates so much, I never got around to the actual sushi, which I plan to rectify soon. The menu is so expansive, you’ll need at least three visits to feel like you’ve made your way though it.

My favorite was the Spicy Tuna Avocado Ball, avocado wrapped around tuna. It comes with tempura seaweed, which you use like chips to eat the tuna. However the Kimchi Pork Belly, a huge portion, was a fantastic mix of spicy, salty and slightly sweet. It’s probably the best deal of all the plates at just $14.

I’m a sucker for Hamachi Kama (Yellowtail collar) and this was a perfect compliment to the other heavier plates we tried. It was light, yet flavorful. The Ika Sugata (Whole Squid in Eel sauce) was another dish, perfect for a small group to share, tender with a slight sweetness.

The most unique of all dishes was the Chawan Mushi a creamy dish of egg custard with shrimp and scallop. It was perfect to warm me up on a cold January night. Most of the plates are between $10 and $12 and five or six are plenty for two people. So, even with a drink a piece the price is very affordable.

Craft Izakaya Website
99 Krog Street
Suite X
Atlanta, GA 30307

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