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17 Date Ideas for Introverts [Definitive Ways for Shy People to Have Fun]

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Not into crowds and socializing? I’m with you (fellow INTJ personality typer here). You can still get to know your date with a fun activity you’ll both enjoy even if you consider yourself an introvert. If you are an introvert, here are the 17 best ideas for you.

For introverts, the idea of going out may be exhausting. Or, like me, choose to only get together in small groups. But if you are an introvert and do want to find your soul mate, you’ll have to go on dates, unless you plan on a mail-order spouse. Do people even do that anymore? 

Date idea 1. Get Out Into Nature (great idea for introverts) 

Going out together for a simple walk, sledging in the winter, and hiking on the land will help you have a super healthy relationship. Being out on a hiking trail reduces stress, anxiety, and anger. It also increases pleasant feelings, as well as improves your mental clarity.

Besides, nature makes you feel better, physically, and emotionally. So, this is a great idea for a first date for an introvert as well! 

Date idea 2. Play a Board Game 


Board games are great for dates unless you are super competitive.

Play a board game with your partner. It provides a structure for social interaction, especially for introverts who fear large crowds. The benefits of playing board games include. Note that if you are the competitive type or your partner is, this may not be the best choice early on. However, if you know each other well and are comfortable, it is a great way to increase brain function. 

Adding the card game Klondike Solitaire to your board game date can be an excellent choice for introverts, as it allows for a quiet, focused activity that encourages teamwork and strategy. Working together to solve Klondike Solitaire can help introverts engage in a shared goal without the pressure of constant conversation, fostering a sense of accomplishment and connection. This cooperative approach can enhance communication skills and mutual understanding, making it an ideal, low-stress option for introverted couples looking to enjoy a thoughtful and engaging activity together.

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Date idea 3. Stroll Through an Art Museum 


There are plenty of museums to spark conversation for an introvert

An introverted couple can have a great date when they visit typically quiet art museums. I mean it almost requires silence, one of the things introverts love. Moreover, visiting an art museum helps you and your partner to learn new things by inspiring and can even change your perspective.

Date idea 4. Gaze at the Stars 

Head out to a field on a date night and enjoy looking at the stars. Gazing at the stars strengthens the connection with nature and helps you clear your thoughts.  Being an introvert, you can download a star-viewing app, such as Night Sky, so you know a little of what to talk about. Though being alone can be fun for introverts for something like this, isolation can be depressing. Read more about that in this article

Date idea 5. Make a Fancy Dinner (perfect introvert date idea) 


Cook dinner together for a fun date night for introverts!

When you do not feel like going out, you can recreate the experience by cooking a delicious dinner with your partner. Besides, you can have a quiet evening while enjoying a fantastic dinner together. Cooking together improves your communication. Moreover, cooking together strengthens the relationship you have and encourages you to have fun and be romantic.

Date idea 6. Attend a “Wine & Paint” Night 

If you are introverted and looking for a calm and relaxing night, you should try this date idea. The idea is fun for couples who want to mix and mingle with others. Otherwise, you can recreate the idea at home with your partner and be creative.

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Date idea 7. Literary Event (another option that requires little talking – perfect for an introvert)

Go to a book reading, poetry reading, or lecture. You’ll always meet like-minded people at these events as well. We all want to be connected and feel that somebody cares for us. However, remember to allow time for conversation afterwards. 

Date idea 8. Go On a Double Date (less pressure for an introvert in the early stages of dating) 


Double dates take the pressure off of an introvert in the early stages of dating.

Either one of you probably has a close friend that is either married or in a relationship. Why not invite those friends on a double date? I love this idea because out of the four, at least one is usually an extrovert, taking the pressure off another to always be “on” and if you are close friends you can relax and not have to feel like you have to come up with something interesting to say.

Date idea 9. Go To a Quiet Restaurant 

Introverted people fear large crowds, but that does not mean you can’t leave the house. The two of you can choose a restaurant which has relaxing music and get there early before people come. In Atlanta, Sandy Springs is an example of a fantastic restaurant that you can visit.

Date idea 10. Walk-In the Park 

Introverts love to exercise alone. So why not take your favourite physical activity and incorporate it into your date? Of course, don’t make it as vigorous of an exercise as you normally would. You are there to enjoy time with your date, not get all your steps in to appease your Fitbit. 

Date idea 11. Go on a food tour (for the less introverted introvert)


We loved our food tour in Iceland

Unless you are an incredibly picky eater, food tours such fun dates. Okay, yes, there will be some interaction with other people, so no it isn’t going to be totally romantic but it will be fun if you are an adventurous eater. I mean, just because you are an introvert, doesn’t mean you can’t be an adventurous eater. Many cities offer these amazing tours and they are a great way to get to know the city if you are visiting.

Date idea 12. Watch the Sunrise 


As an introverted couple, you can wake up very early in the morning, and go to a place where you can view the sun well enough like the beach.

You can hold each other, watch as the sun rises and enjoy the moments before other people wake up to ruin the fun.

Date idea 13. Netflix and Chill (no this isn’t a joke) 

Sometimes there’s nothing better than sitting on the couch, having a nice dinner (my hubs and I have pizza every Friday night!) and binging a fun show together. It may sound shallow, but we love discussing shows we are watching together (mostly talking about how stupid the characters are). Netflix is affordable and straightforward. 

Date idea 14. Find an Awesome Cultural Event 

Finding a remarkable cultural event is the ideal date for introverted people. The events are helpful to both of you since it enables you to have improved communication and bonding.

Date idea 15. Create Found Object Artwork 

Found object artwork might sound silly, but it is super intriguing. Maybe, you picked some beautiful stones at the beach or some other things when you visited the park. You can try and create something together with your partner. Be creative, and you might come up with fantastic, beautiful jewellery or something to hang on the wall of your bedroom or living room.

Date idea 16. Go on a wine-tasting adventure

Montaluce winery in North GA

Montaluce Winery in Dahlonega

If you both enjoy wine, this is a no-brainer date idea. Many cities have a couple of wineries and yes, they may not be the best wine you’ve ever had but still, it is something fun you can enjoy together. In North Georgia, there’s even a wine bus that will take you to different ones.

Date idea 17. Horseback Riding 

brasstown valley horseback ride

Horses are known to be serene and calming, and they have the power to teach you independence and confidence. The relationship with horses is beneficial since they don’t judge. When you ride a horse, it gives a lot of attention to you and gives you a remarkable connection. Horses teach you communication and perseverance. Moreover, horseback riding is fun and helps you relieve stress.

Dating doesn’t have to be difficult for the introvert. Keep your initial dates short to avoid feeling overwhelmed, and don’t be afraid to try something new. The above ideas will help you solve the challenges that you face in your physical or emotional life. When you implement the concepts, you will have a peaceful, happy life and enjoy every moment that you live.

When you’re the shy type, you’ve still got to make a conversation in order to get to know your date. While many introverts meet online, resist the urge to hide behind email.

Your comfort level maybe with the written word, but in order to truly connect, you’ve got to do it face to face.

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