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Chicago Pizza in Atlanta? Here’s where to find some classic deep dish pizza in the South


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Ready to kick that Keto diet to the curb and give in to those carb cravings? Here’s where to find deep dish pizza in Atlanta.

The first time I visited Chicago, my most important goal was to have some of their amazing deep-dish pizza I’d heard such incredible things about. There were no apps or Yelp services (maybe that’s not such a bad thing) at the time. So we relied on the hotel concierge to direct us to his favorite pizza spot.

After what seemed like an eternity, we were treated to the most soggy, disappointing pizza ever at Lou Malnati’s. Lucky for us we were able to make our way to Gino’s East and they more than made up for the crap LM served us. I was anxious to see how they compare to the Chicago pizza I’ve had previously.

chicago style deep dish pizza atlanta

Spinach mushroom pizza trumps Spicy Hawaiian by a landslide. But the beef sandwich is the best thing on the menu at this deep dish pizza spot.

At Nancy’s, the decor is nothing fancy and I wish they had more of a craft beer selection. The beer they do have is rather expensive – >$6 for a Corona!

Nancy's Pizza Atlanta Deep Dish Pizza

Nancy’s Pizza Deep Dish Pizza

I visited Nancy’s pizza twice now. The first time, we ordered two pizzas: an “ultra thin crust” Hawaiian and a Deep dish (half Chicken Cacciatore and half Uncle Tony’s). The Hawaiian (see it in the picture above right) was average. I’d much rather have a Domino’s Hawaiian thin crust pizza – the one by my house puts a ton of crispy bacon on top. Nancy’s pizza was not “ultra thin” at all. In fact it was rather doughy and tasted like a frozen pizza. Another pizza the Nana’s pie (a customer favorite – see it above left) was quite tasty. It was supposed to be just spinach and mushrooms, but the staff gave me someone else’s order which also included sausage. I loved it and thought it was a great addition, but double check your pizza if you are a vegetarian.

I’m happy to say that the deep dish was very tasty too.

I would skip the chicken one and just go for the Uncle Tony’s. The Uncle Tony’s was hearty and delicious and made with quality cheese and lovely ingredients of sausage, mushrooms and green peppers.

All slices of the deep dish were crispy on the crust as I would have expected and the sauce was thick, not watery at all. There are only eight slices for a large but they are a decent size. It is nice to know you can order half and half if everyone can’t agree on what they want. Be prepared to wait if you order a deep dish pizza. It takes an hour or more for these to cook, so you may want to call ahead.

Nancy’s Chicago Pizza

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