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Desta Delights with Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine


Desta means happiness, I learned from reading the menu. There are other common words you can learn as you peruse the large menu. But there’s one word in particular you want to remember: Injera. It’s the sponge-like bread that should be your carb of choice for accompanying your entree.

You’ll also find a selection of Ethiopian beer and wine on Desta’s menu as well. They have an Ethiopian honey wine if you like sweet wines. I imagine it would go well if you get something really hot and spicy. But since I didn’t do that, I stuck with St. George, an Ethiopian beer.

Ethiopian Food Atlanta

Start with the Sabusa. For only three bucks, you’ll get a flavorful lentil stuffed delicacy masquerading  as a innocuous “spring roll.” I wish we’d had a second order, it was so tasty. Although the Kifto, a rare ground beef quesadilla looking item came highly recommended, I thought it lacked flavor or depth, despite the jalapeno peppers.


Meat Tibs Platter at Desta: Lamb, Chicken and Ribeye

The Tibs are the way to go at Desta. Get the meat platter ($35), so you can have leftovers like we did. In this platter you can choose three meats and two sides and your choice of carb. Sure, you can get Pita Bread of even a pasta, but you’re missing out if you don’t get the authentic Injera. If you have three or four in your party, it is plenty enough food for this size group. We chose Ribeye, lamb and chicken, but honestly there was so much seasoning on the meat (in a good way), I had a hard time deciphering between lamb and ribeye. The chicken was outstanding too.

Desta does catering and there is a private room upstairs for large groups. We saw several large groups starting to congregate outside while we were finishing dinner on Desta’s patio.

Desta Website
3086 Briarcliff Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30329

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