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Digital Detox Benefits – do these things after breakup


There are a lot of things in life that are inevitable. And no matter how much we hate them, they are crucial for us to grow and move forward in life. Just like that, breakups are a part of almost every relationship. Everyone on this planet Earth has been through a breakup, be it one-sided or a mutual. And they hurt. No matter how much you convince yourself that there are other fish in the sea, losing someone who you once shared a precious bond with, will always be painful. That’s how it has always been. But with time, this whole breakup thing has gotten a lot harder to get over. Why?

In the past, if a couple broke up, it was mostly done face-to-face or via a letter. And then that was it. A couple of days and then boom, slowly and gradually, the couple will fade from each other’s memory. But now, things are different. When two people start to go out, they get connected on almost every social platform that is out there. Exchanging numbers is no longer enough since there are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn too. The minute the relationship starts getting sever, both of them feel this societal obligation to change their social media statuses from single to in a relationship.

It all sounds cute until the breakup happens. And then comes the dreadful task of changing it back to single and unfriending the ex from all social platforms. The things that were once private are now in the open for all friends and family to see.  Not just that, but seeing that person’s name pop up on the timeline makes it almost impossible to get over the person you were once madly in love with.

So what to do then? There’s no point sitting mulling over your ex’s pictures. Just like our body sometimes needs to be detoxed after a week of junk food or unhealthy snacks, our mind needs it too. But there’s no magic potion that will make one automatically forget about their ex. The only way possible to flush out old memories from the mind is by doing a digital detox.

What is a Digital Detox?

Consider it the newest jargon, but the term digital detox means to take a break from all unnecessary digital activities that we willingly or knowingly take part in. To some, quitting social media might sound impossible, but to get over a breakup, it becomes essential. Regardless of how much technology has helped us all, in times like these, it becomes nothing but an enemy. It makes it harder to move on, especially when there are old messages still in the inbox or pictures in the phone’s photo gallery. As if that wasn’t enough, the stupid phones even give reminders of memories. “You have a memory from one year ago”: no one wants to click on a notification only to find their ex’s face and be reminded of the time that was spent together. It is the point where digital detox becomes a saviour. For all the newbies out there, here’s what a digital detox entails.

How to get started on a Digital Detox?

Every individual has a unique way of getting over a breakup. But no matter what it is, staying up at night, looking at the ex’s photographs is number one on every heartbroken person’s list. A breakup is painful to get over, which is why it is compared to an addiction. So what’s the first thing an addict does when trying to get sober? Disassociate themselves from everything that reminded them of their addiction. Here’s how to do just that:

Reduce your screen time:

To get started on your digital detox journey, start by limiting your internet consumption. Sure, it’s easy to spend hours scrolling mindlessly through Facebook, but it only makes one feel even worse. So, refrain from using your social media for a couple of weeks. If that’s hard to do, deactivate your account, so you won’t feel tempted to go back in. Not just that, but also spend less time in front of the TV. Electronics generally do not do much for our mental health, which is why their consumption should be limited. Especially at times, when a person has a lot on their mind.

Turn to your trusted inner circle when going through a digital detox after a breakup

Only talk to your support group. The friends and family who you are close with will be the ones to make you feel better. Call them and make plans with them to go out. It will provide a substantial divergence to your mind, making it easy to forget the past. While you are at it, hand over your phone to one of your friends. Ask them to delete all your old pictures and conversations with the ex. It might be painful to do it yourself, which is why asking someone else to do it for you, is a better option.

Work-out in nature:

Exercise has also been linked with peace of mind. But almost everyone nowadays works out while listening to music. Go out for a walk in nature, without headphones, and listen to the sound of water splashing or birds chirping. Nature has the power to awaken our soul, which makes it easier for our brain to focus and re-align.

Stay Busy:

Find yourself a new hobby to keep your mind occupied. Sure it’s not easy having to do something after coming from the office, but consider it as therapy. Try cooking something new or start painting. Complete all your chores or volunteer at the local shelter. It won’t just help take your mind off of things, but will also make you feel better as you meet and interact with new people.

Sure all these steps sound doable if a person is going through a rough time, but how are they helpful?

Benefits of a Digital Detox and why is it necessary after a breakup:

The average screen time of an individual is 3 hours 15 minutes. Yep, that’s right. If you compare those online hours to the offline hours, it is a very depressing statistic. Everyone who uses their phone for 3 hours a day, doesn’t even spend half this time staying productive offline. It is one of the main reasons why there is a lot of aggression and frustration built up in the people nowadays. You see our brains need a time off too. And how do we give it that? By spending more time chilling and watching Netflix or playing an online game. It does the complete opposite of what we wanted and makes us feel even more tired. When going through a breakup, a person’s mind needs peace which it can only get through this digital detox. Here are all the benefits you can get from this detox:

  • Peace of mind:

One of the main reasons why every other person loves camping or hiking is because there’s no technology there to help shift our focus from nature. When you limit the role of technology in your life, you will feel so much better. While the world is a global village and it is good to be connected with everyone, sometimes it feels great to disconnect with all the hustle-bustle of the internet. The brain automatically sets back into its original rhythm, which improves sleep schedule and makes one feel relaxed.

  • No more reminders of the past:

With the internet always on, it becomes straightforward to fall back into the hole you were trying hard to get out from. It becomes impossible to forget about the time that was once spent together. But with the limited use of technology and the internet, it’s easy to forget and move on.

  • Improved functionality:

As your mind gets a lot of time to itself, it functions better. With less technology bombarding the brain with useless information, our body goes back into its natural cycle. You will start to feel better, and that will contribute to a good night’s sleep. And a person that sleeps well is a person that functions well.

  • Develop a healthy relationship with yourself:

How often do we get the time to pamper ourselves? Sure going out for a Mani-Pedi, is taking care of yourself, but do we listen to our body and what it needs? A lot of us are strangers to ourselves simply because we never took out the time to discover who we are. And to have a successful relationship, knowing yourself is the key. Spend all the extra time alone and work on developing a relationship with yourself. Because that is the one relationship, that certainly won’t disappoint.

Doing a Digital-Detox might sound like another thing on the internet. But it does work wonders. It helps you become more in control of your life, which is really what we all are looking for at the end of the day. Try it out and see for yourself.

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