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Dirty Dancing, the musical, review


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Dirty Dancing, the musical, comes to life on stage.

If you are a child of the 80s like me, you’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve seen Dirty Dancing. When I heard there was a musical, I was like, why did it take so long?

In case you need a refresher here’s a short synopsis: Set in the summer of 1963, Frances Houseman, nicknamed ‘Baby’ is vacationing for the summer in New York’s Catskill Mountains with her sister and parents. Always the inquisitive one, Baby finds her way to the staff quarters and becomes enamoured by not only their sexy dance moves, but dance instructor, Johnny Castle (RIP Patrick Swayze).

I was anxious to see how close to the scenes from the Dirty Dancing movie they’d be able to replicate on stage during a live performance. Dance scenes were fantastically choreographed. Plus, it was wonderful to hear all the songs I remember from the move too. One of my favorite scenes was them trying to replicate the scene in the lake where Johnny was teaching Baby how to do the lift.

Dirty Dancing theatre broadway atlanta

Dirty Dancing photo from Broadway.com

One difference was that Baby’s mom had a more prominent role in the theatre performance than in the movie. And, if there was anything I didn’t care for during the show, it was the political messaging.

During the Dirty Dancing movie there were no references to Neil going off to protest. However, in the play, they make a big deal about this during a campfire scene that was non-existent in the movies. I think we go to see shows and plays to be entertained not to be lectured. So this was a bit disappointing. But it was quickly over before they decided to get back on track.

The Dirty Dancing play doesn’t stay too long in one city so make sure to snag your tickets as soon as you can. It is a fantastic idea to go with a bunch or girls or a lovely way to have a fun afternoon /evening with your daughter and share the movie that everyone in our generation loves with a younger audience.

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