Dixie Tavern, Smyrna, Atlanta, GA Review

I almost don’t want to write a review of the Dixie Tavern in Marietta. Not because I don’t like it. On the contrary – I love Dixie Tavern! I love that I can go there with friends on a Saturday night and easily get a booth or a table. I love that Dixie Tavern has about 20 beers on draft. I love that you can see really great bands on a weekend night for free.

I just would like to keep it my secret. I’m beyond those ITP bars where everyone is packed in like sardines and you have to elbow your way to the front of the bar to order a drink. It’s so great to find a place where you haven’t spent 20 bucks (parking + cover charge) before you even make it inside the door.

This particular Saturday night when me and 3 friends went to Dixie I didn’t go there with any sort of agenda. My expectations were low – I just wanted to have a couple beers and hang out with my pals. I had just had dinner next door at Blue Moon Pizza and since it was only 8:30 we decided why not have a drink at Dixie Tavern?

As it was early, there were only handful of patrons in the bar, but as the night progressed it got somewhat more crowded. It seems to be a mix of young (early 20s) and those in their mid 30s. Around 10:30 the band went on, and I was surprised at just how good they were. Appropriately named, ASPHALT GRUNGE, the band played music from the 90s – Fuel, Better than Ezra, etc, etc. Their sound is great and they are really talented. This was a much better experience than my Wild Bills visit a couple weeks prior.

The have Blue Moon, Stella, Newcastle, and many other good beers on draft. Food is ok, but I would eat somewhere else first – RuSans, Blue Moon Pizza, and Siam Square Thai are all nearby.

Dixie Tavern
2319 Windy Hill Road SE
Marietta, GA 30080
(770) 690-0090

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