Traveling with your dog – take these 5 items with you


You don’t have to leave your fur baby behind when you travel. You just have to have the best doggie products to take with you. These are fun treats and puzzles for a pooch that keep them entertained and free of anxiety about being away from home. These will ensure traveling with your dog is a pleasure.

More and more people decide to travel with their pets and enjoy themselves with their beloved ones these days, after all, they are one of the family.  When we travel with our dog, it is convenient that we choose a place to enjoy good times with him or her and also keep in mind to carry with you essential products that make traveling with a dog a pleasure.



This is a red-colored rubber toy that helps to satisfy dogs’ intuitive needs and offers mental stimulation. This toy helps to solve chewing, separation anxiety, teething, boredom, weight management, crate training, digging, barking, and keep them engaged when you are busy in some other activities when you are traveling.



The external portion is made of steady, ordinary latex for durability while the interior part consists of a unique foam technology for a chewier bouncier toy with an appealing squeaker. This toy is lightweight to throw, carry and bounce and even float and easy to clean. It contains a squeaker and is bacon fragranced to get your pet dog playing on all four paws.



This toy provides mental stimulation to help to keep your dog’s mind alert. It can hide the treats and watch your pup paw and nose them to disclose their prize. It enhances your relationship with your pet dog by rewarding him with treats that he or she loves.



This game will keep your dog occupied while you have some fun while you travel.

This dog treat dispenser toy is a collaborative puzzle that trains smart dogs to acquire sequential steps for new challenging play. This durable dog toy offers 6 pull out compartments for tasty dog treats. This dog treats puzzle toy’s 6 compartments, and 6 moving pieces keep smart dogs busy while the challenging dog game teaches problem-solving and redirects disparaging activities. This treat dispenser dog toy can be utilized to feed your dog healthy snacks or dry kibble, thus solving the food puzzle and also creates an engaging, slowed down mealtime while you can carry out your activities. This dog toy is hand washable.



This dog bathing machine is portable so that you can bathe your dog without any mess. It cleans the skin with mainly designed nozzles that go underneath the fur. This dog bathing machine includes Portable Bath Unit, Bath Tool with Storage Bag, Microfiber Sound Dampening Mat, Face & Paws Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, and 16 oz. No-Rinse Shampoo. This product is portable, eco-friendly, easy to use, and store. This is an ideal solution to bathe your pet dog when you are on a trip with your pet dog. This is perfect for keeping your pet clean during your travels without having to waste a gallon of water and soap. It gets deep into fur, removing dirt and grime.


Bonus item – subscription service (surprise delivery each month)

Bark – Super Chewer is a subscription service for dog ‘parents’ who truly love to spoil their pups. Sign up & receive 2 tough dog toys, 2 full-size bags of treats and 2 meaty chews delivered to your door each month. If you really want to spoil your dog, get them this.


With these items you can take your dog with you worry free on a trip knowing they won’t make a mess and will be entertained while you are on your adventure!

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