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Donetto Atlanta – [they make pasta sexy – perfect for date night]

Donetto review atlanta italian restaurant

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In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a sexy new restaurant on Atlanta’s westside: Donetto.

The west side of Atlanta is the hot spot. It’s where everyone seems to want to be. With steak, seafood, sushi and more it seemed there was just one cuisine missing – Italian and now that void is filled Donetto moving in.

Italian is certainly a crowd pleaser, and if you’re looking for a spot that has something for nearly everyone, Donetto is certainly it. Sexy atmosphere? Check. Cool bar? Check. Dreamy pasta dishes? Check. Though we were visiting Donetto for a date night, there were plenty of foursomes sprinkled around us as well.

donetto atlanta restaurant review

Beef carpaccio at Donetto Atlanta

From the time we walked inside to Donetto we were treated to well polished service. Plus, I appreciated the fact that the wide open space still keeps noise reasonable. I mean, I hate it when I can’t carry on a conversation with my hubby on our date night.

donetto atlanta italian restaurant

Scallop crudo at Donetto

Sure, there’s a full bar and an exquisite wine list at Donetto, but you know what? I just couldn’t resist the Negroni (on draft!). It was a delightful way to start my experience. I also love their section of “zero proof” drinks, like the Cinnamon and grapefruit soda.

If I were you, I’d save up all my carb allowance for a week…errr….a month and go wild at Donetto. Start with the house made focaccia. Then get a past dish (or two which you can do because some of the pastas at Donetto come in half portions) to share. My favorite was the Mezzaluna with sun dried tomato, ricotta and saffron, though a Lumache or Tagliatelle are yummy too.

review atlanta italian restaurant donetto

Burrata salad with English peas and prosciutto

I’d also recommend a couple share plates too. The scallop crudo (pictured above) has so much going on like the orange, mint, pistachio and calabrian chilis, it’s something you shouldn’t miss. And though it’s steep at$18 for an appetizer, I’d also recommend the beef carpaccio, if you have at least four in your party, as it is a heart portion.

Donetto atlanta restaurant

Branzino at Donetto

Fish was our last course at Donetto, a whole roasted Branzino. After so many heavy pasts entrees this was a light dish to end on for the evening.

donetto dessert

Dessert at Donetto

Donetto webiste

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