Drink Art, Castleberry Hill, Atlanta, GA Review

What do you think Drink Art is?
A. A new hipster bar?
B. A vegetarian restaurant opened by a former NBA player?
C. New Art gallery?

Drink Art, located in Castleberry Hill is not the spot you would expect. If you guessed B, you are correct. It is from ex NBA player, Shandon Anderson. Anderson had spent a long amount of time garnering an appreciation fo vegetarian Thai food and wanted to open a cool spot in Atlanta, his home town.

Drink Art castleberry Hill

L: Corn Cake, R: Fried Pasty Purse

Spotting the perfect building in Castleberry Hill, he opened a small restaurant where he can cater to a small crowd only open a handful of nights, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings right now, during winter hours. I believe in the warmer months they open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well.

At the urging for many months from my friend, Josh, we visited Drink Art on a cool evening. Although there is wine and beer, you really want to indulge in at least one cocktail before moving to wine.

Josh insisted we try all three soups: Wonton, Tom Kia and Tom Yum. The Tom Kia is usually a favorite of mine at any Thai spot. Give me a scoop of rice to put in it, and I’ve got a meal. Here it was just as good as I’ve had elsewhere, yet somehow overshadowed by the Wonton soup. It’s pretty simple -just vegetables ground tofu, wrapped in wonton skin and clear broth, yet somehow glorious.

drink art curry

Although the appetizer menu only has six options, your best bet if you have more than two people is to go for the appetizer sampler. For $13.50, choose from 3 of the appetizers. Our choice were the spring rolls, corn cakes and deep fried purses (see above). While the spring rolls were somewhat forgettable, the corn cakes and purses were highlights of the meal for me. The corn cakes, had a slight taste of curry and basil, and the fried purses, had fiery vegetable filling inside. Both were served with a sweet chili sauce that we didn’t even need to compliment them.

As I said, it is vegetarian – no meat here but they do offer meat substitutes. Besides tofu, you can get veggie chicken or veggie steak. I ordered my curry with veggie chicken and I didn’t miss the real meat at all and was really pleased with my selection. I asked for medium spice but found it to be more on the mild side, so next time, I’m going to tell them to bring on the heat. Most entrees are around $10, so the price is pretty affordable.

Don’t come here with a large group. The “dining room” only has a few tables suitable for couples. Although rather cold, we sat on the rooftop patio and took in the wonderful views of downtown. It is a good option if you are looking for something different from the ordinary restaurants in the vicinity for a pre downtown event.

199 Walker Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30313

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