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Easy Home Updates to Impress Holiday Guests

Grout Refresh DIY

Got Guests Coming this Holiday? Here’s some easy tips for refreshing your home

You might be surprised at what a little work around the house can do to spruce up the appearance. If you are like me, you host Christmas at your home every year. This inevitably means a mass chaotic cleanup the day before our guests arrive.

New throw pillows for the couch or a new bedspread can really brighten up a room. Also make sure to clean any windows and make sure corners are free of spider webs.

But there are other little things you can do around the house to give it large appeal that take little effort. One example is refreshing your grout color. You may not notice it, but over time, grout gets discolored or dirt ends up in it and discolors it.

Grout Refresh

Has the color in your grout faded out? Give it a refresher with Grout Refresh. This grout product comes over 30 colors. You can mix them together to best match your current grout color or change the color of your grout completely. Use on any grout: sanded, non-sanded. The only tools you’ll need to apply it is a scrub pad, sponge and brush. I love that it is so easy to use and you can be back to your brand spanking new grout look in less than two hours.

Tip: NEVER use bleach on colored tile or grout.  Proper sealing and cleaning will keep your tile looking newer longer.

Dirty and discolored grout can make a room look old and unwelcoming. Use Grout Refresh to quickly remove discoloration and dirt from your tile floors and give it a fresh, clean appearance, welcoming your out of town guests.

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