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Eclipse Di Luna, Atlanta, GA restaurant review

Eclipse di Luna restaurant review

Years ago, when I had a go nowhere, soul sucking job, I was the unofficial event planner in my small office. We only had about 15 people. Stingy as they were (they are no longer in business), upper management waited way too late to give us the okay to have a Christmas party. At the late date they came to me (already December), there was practically no restaurant with an opening on a Saturday evening.

Reminded of a dinner I had at Eclipse di Luna, I thought it might be a bit unorthodox but what the hell, still pretty festive. Turns out Eclipse di Luna did have an opening for our group Christmas Party. Pretty proud of myself for coming to the rescue at a late date, I was shocked when my suggestion was given a flat “no” as the menu was deemed to weird and strange for our crew. Now when I look at the crowd at Eclipse di Luna, the rejections seems pretty stunning. Tapas are so mainstream now.

Patatas Bravas, Mac and Cheese and Empanadas

Pictured at the top is the Peach Margarita I had on a recent visit to Eclipse di Luna. It was tasty but a tad on the sweet side. Instead, I’d prefer to have the other coconut mojito that I started off with. If you’re dining at Eclipse di Luna with a group, ordering a pitcher of mojitos is the way to go.

Eclipse di Luna Tartare

Ahi Tuna at Eclipse di Luna

Two of us ordered about six tapas – Balsamic Ribs, Scallops, Patatas Bravas, Mac and Cheese, Ahi Tuna, and empanadas (with cilantro cream sauce). The first two items delivered to the table, tuna and mac and cheese, were not on the table too long before being devoured. Loved that the mac and cheese had sun dried tomatoes mixed in! The Patatas Bravas, breakfast potatoes you get at almost every brunch spot, are nothing special, even with the creamy, smokey sauce. The empanadas were delicious, and the sauce was magnificent.

Eclipse di Luna Dessert

Flan and Key Lime Pie are a must at Eclipse di Luna

Don’t pass up dessert! If you’re with a group, here’s what to do (if you aren’t a germaphobe). Order one of each dessert from Eclipse di Luna –  each dessert goes in front of a different person. Each person then takes a bite and passes it on around and around until there’re gone! That’s what we did last year at a birthday dinner and it was perfect. Dining with your sweetie? Definitely order dessert to go and eat it bed while watching your latest Netflix addiction. That’s what me and my hubs did. We can’t decide which we liked better, the flan or the key lime pie. They will both be ordered to go on each future visit.

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  • Auto-gratuity is applied to parties of 5 or more in just about any restaurant in town. I have no problem with this because I’m generally a 20% tipper anyway. If I feel that there were issues with my service that were bad enough that I’d want to reduce my tip, I speak to the management.

    Even if you chose to wait your entire meal and then dispute the gratuity that has been placed on your bill, rather than addressing service issues as they are happening, most restaurant managers will remove the auto-grat when you decide to complain.

    Did you tell management that you didn’t receive good service?

  • Hi Tabitha

    I understand that adding gratuity when there are parties of 5 or more is a common practice. I’m sure if they didn’t do this then the servers would often times not get a decent tip. Like you, I’m usually a 20% tipper unless the service is really bad. But something just grates me when restaurants just feel “entitled” to it.

    But really, my issue is not with the 20% tip on the bill or even service. My point was that with a large group you should get separate checks. Like I said, we had 14 in our group. Eight left early and paid their portions. When they brought the bill for the remaining 6 of us, that portion was $230 out of a total $300.

    So, that means that the 6 of us were responsible for over 75% of the bill? We all knew our food/drink portions didn’t add up to that much. I doubt our dining companions stiffed us for that much money.

    We didn’t complain because obviously we have no way of proving what others paid. It was also late and we all wanted to go home. So we paid and left.

    Point is, they have good food and it is hopping even on weeknights, but if you have a large group make sure you get separate checks. That’s all.