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Emory Point: A Vegetarian’s Delight

The newly opened Emory Point offers a terrific shopping and dining destination for the Emory / Druid Hills folks. Earlier this month, I was able to go on a food tour, sampling many of the diverse restaurants in the complex, and what I found is that it turned out to be a lovely selection of vegetarian options.

Paradise – Biryani Pointe

Here, we sampled lovely samosas, biryani (fragrant spiced rice), However, they do have meat dishes too. The creamy, rich Chicken Tikka Masala is just as delicious here as some of the more upscale Indian restaurants I’ve eaten at.


Strippaggio olive oils

Olive Oils / Balsamic Vinegars

Purveyors of olive oils, vinegars and other high end culinary ingredients, I’m just bummed we didn’t get to spend more time tasting the different balsamic vinegars. I can’t wait to head back there to try some of their oils and vinegars.

Tin Lizzy’s

TIn Lizzys Emory Pointe
Delicious Guac and margaritas. Oh and don’t you love the window seating? Of course, they’ve got plenty of meat-centric dishes too. Buffalo chicken tacos, anyone? And if you craving food late night, they serve until 2 am.

 Burger Fi

Burger Fi at Emory Point

With a name like Burger Fi, you certainly expect only beef dishes, but the restaurant was especially proud of their veggie burger, and for good reason. This was fantastic. Though given the choice, I think I’d go for their bacon burger or one of their specialty hot dogs (pictured above).

The General Muir
General Muir Bagels
I was most surprised at the full vegetarian selection at the General Muir. I had fully expected this tribute to a classic New York deli to give us a sample of their pastrami, but no, it was light summer salads. My favorite was the Burrata, but the green beans with heirloom tomatoes was quite lovely as well.

General Muir Summer menu

General Muir summer salads

La Tagliatella
Although known as a chain in Europe, there are only a handful of these Italian restaurants in America. And they served up a ton of delicious carbs to us. The namesake pizza, La Tagliatella with fried eggplant, honey and balsamic is a unique flavor not to be missed. However, the butter nut squash heart-shaped stuffed pasta in a light cream sauce is delightful as well. Either way, the dishes are quite satisfying, whether or not you are a vegetarian.

la tagliatella emory point tomato carpaccio

Tomato Carpaccio, Basil and Mozzarella

Eggplant Pizza with honey and balsamic

Eggplant Pizza with honey and balsamic

La tagliatella Atlanta pastas

Front: Ravioli pasta, Back: Butternut Squash pasta

Our last stop on the foodie tour of Emory Point, was Marlow’s. What’s the perfect summer drink? A Watermelon Margarita, of course! And what do you pair that with? A watermelon salad complete with mozzarella balls, basil and balsamic. I’ve dined at Marlow’s often, an am never disappointed.
marlow's watermelon margarita marlow's watermelon basil salad


Have you dined at Emory Point yet? If so, what is your favorite restaurant there?

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