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Euphoria Greenville, Day 2: Falls Park, BMW Driving and Taste of the South

The next morning we were treated to a hearty breakfast and mixed and mingled with other media as well as some of the festival sponsors. We used the free morning to go explore Greenville a bit. Walking around the main streets we found some unique restaurants and shops. However, I loved Falls Park, which, as the name suggests is a park and waterfall, smack dab in the middle of the city. So beautiful! We spent several hours wandering around and hiking.

I’d be remiss in telling you about my Greenville experience if I didn’t mention our trip to the BMW Driving Experience center. This is about an hour drive away from Greenville, but a really fun excursion during the trip. I should disclose that this was also part of my media package in attending Euphoria.

Basically there are two tracks to the experience: The racetrack and the adventure path. First we took turns driving each of five models around the racetrack. Surprised that I enjoyed the 7 series the most.

Next was the adventure course, where we were all given X3s to ride in. For this, I totally chickened out and made Mr. ARB do ALL the driving. The first part of the course involves taking the X3s through some pretty deep water. Not too scary. But the next part involved climbing through some pretty rocky hills. The downhill part was a bit scary. The instructors have walkie talkies and can communicate with and hear everything going on in the cars. Ours got a chuckle from my scream as we dangled for a couple seconds on a steep hill.

Overall I thought the BMW Driving Experience was a thrilling time. We learned about some of the really neat features of the BMWs like the car’s ability to balance the acceleration speed while driving downhill. I would definitely recommend the BMW Driving Experience if you find yourself with some free time in Greenville. Allow a full afternoon as the two courses, etc take about 3 hours.

Friday Night: Taste of the South

The day’s adventure was the just the beginning of the fun. Friday evening proved to be exceptional as well. Working up an appetite at the BMW Driving experience, we were ready to eat and the vendors at the Peace Amphitheatre were ready to feed us. We had lovely bites from many of the Greenville restaurants paired with tasty brews. As the evening progressed, we found our way to the lawn to once again be treated to Edwin McCain’s voice, this time under the stars. Check out Euphoria Greenville here.

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