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Many people are curious about the family that preceded them throughout history and the way that they lived. However, it can be challenging to know where to start when it comes to discovering your family lineage, without even thinking about how to connect with it afterward. If you want to make a connection and understand the history that made you “you,” here is a list of the best ways that you can reconnect with your family lineage.

1. Create Your Family Tree

Creating your family tree is one of the most basic and simple ways that you can connect with the past, and this can help you to build a starting point from which you can expand your research. You should start by visiting the library and ask to see the censuses, newspaper archives, and death certificates of the past. However, there is an easier way to do this online, and there are many genealogy websites such as GenealogyBank which allows you to search obituaries and other important documents throughout history in order to better understand your family tree.

2. Test Your DNA

You should also consider testing your DNA to explore your family’s lineage further, and there are many specialist DNA clinics through which you can connect with to help you do this. Through these tests, you can better understand your family’s genetics, such as the country which they originate from, and the locations that have dominated your family history, whose information is contained within your chromosomes. Not only do DNA tests identity ethnicities, but some DNA labs can also connect your DNA to others who have taken the test, helping to boost your research without any extra effort from you.

3. Arrange a Family Reunion

If you want to find out more about your current relatives and your lineage in the present, you should try to organize a family reunion for your family. You can arrange a family reunion by contacting all the family that you are aware of, using phone books to find contact details, and accessing social media to contact unknown relatives. Once at your reunion, you can encourage your guests to bring mementos, photographs and stories about past relatives in the hopes of discovering something new about your lineage. You can then bring together what you have found out as part of the entertainment by sharing stories about the past.

4. Visit Heritage Locations

If you know that a certain location was once important to your family, such as an old house or a church where your relatives were once married, you should try and visit these places in order to connect with the past.  If you do not know where your family lived, visit US heritage locations where you can learn about society in the past and better understand your relatives. This will help to make the past more real for you, and you may find that you connect with your past relatives better once you have found out about the places where they once lived. You could even arrange a family trip to one of these places, or use these locations for the venue of your family reunion.

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