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Five Big Ideas for Small Spaces

Liven UP small spaces

 Did you know that we have tons of options for “quick and easy” updates you can do to your laundry, mudrooms, bathrooms – really any small space in your home? You won’t believe the options available to transform a bland space to glamorous.

  • Luxury Vinyl

So, you want to update that laundry room or bathroom, but you want to do it inexpensively. After all, a guest bath or a laundry room is not a room that you really show off that much. Laminate is inexpensive, but excessive water can damage it. Consider luxury vinyl, which is moisture resistant.

Luxury Vinyl is so different from the vinyl flooring you’ve seen in the past. They come in beautiful designs including the hardwood look. Making installation even easier, there are several varieties that are peel and stick.

  • Large Tiles

It’s long been said that large tiles make a small room look larger. Now, there are so many different styles, colors and finishes of large tiles. This concept works well because our brains automatically associate larger tiles with a larger space, therefore making the room in which they are installed immediately look larger.


Another benefit of using larger tiles is fewer grout lines. This makes them easier to clean and maintain.

Diagonally placed tiles make a room look bigger too, which is especially good for narrow rooms.

  • Wood Decoratives

Much like their tile counterparts, these mosaics come in 12 x 12 inch sizes. While I do love stone tile, these wood mosaics do bring a touch of warmth to any room.

I’m a big proponent of taking bigger risks in smaller sized rooms. And these wood mosaics allow you to do just that. Not only are they textured, but the “mosaic” style is apparent in the different pieces of wood used to make up each piece. My favorite? The Chevron design. Find your favorite of the numerous mosaic wood decoratives.

  • Butcher Block

What once was old is new again. Such is the case with butcher block counters. If you are looking for a way to introduce warmth into your kitchen, the perfect way to do it is with butcher block counters.

In the past, kitchens were very uniform in that there was one counter material all throughout. Now, different materials are much more accepted and they even lend a touch of creativity to your kitchen design. Got an island? Leave the main counters granite and add butcher block on the island alone.

  • Floor Registers

We’re leaving no floor…err…register unturned in this article. Ditch those ugly metal floor registers that came with your home and upgrade to colors and finishes that match your door handles.

Floor registers can be found in both metal and wood material. Choose from oak, bamboo and cherry wood finishes. For metal, more modern nickel and pewter finishes are available but also finishes like antique brass too.

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