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Five40 Kitchen & Tapas in Kennesaw

Brussels Sprouts salad

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When I saw the Scoutmob deal for Five 40 Kitchen and Tapas pop up on my phone I was intrigued. A classy, tapas restaurant in Kennesaw? Nice. I put it on my short list of restaurants to visit. Then I was even more delighted when owner, Dipesh Patel, personally invited me to come try it out.

Five 40 is located in a strip mall set back a bit from Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw. So, you wouldn’t just be driving by and see it. You’d certainly have to be looking for it. But it definitely is worth seeking out.

The sleek interior makes you forget you are in a strip mall. The bar is lit up and there were several regulars settled in there for the evening. In the middle of the restaurant are sofas and lounging areas where groups can gather for optimal seating during the weekend’s live music.

five40 tapas scallop tapas kennesaw five40 kitchen

The restaurant has been open a couple months and recently made some changes to the menu. A Cucumber gin martini was the perfect way to start our evening. Next, we tried the fried goat cheese with a red pepper jelly, which was one of my favorites on the menu. Two huge scallops over a carrot puree were quite tasty too. Usually when I get a scallops appetizer or as part of a tapas plate, it is singular rather than plural. I was pleasantly surprised to find not one but two scallops so we didn’t have the split one sad scallop.

five40 tapas kennesaw

Fried Goat Cheese

Fried Goat Cheese with Peppered Jelly

There was a Brussels sprouts “salad” (pictured at the top) but I wouldn’t call it a salad at all. It was mixed with apples but they didn’t really add anything to the dish. The Brussels were prepared well and it is a beautiful presentation. They do come with bits of bacon, but could easily be prepared without any to accommodate a vegetarian. Speaking of vegetarians, another tasty dish was the Patatas Bravas, potatoes with a spicy kick. The sauce seemed to be a mix of spicy mustard and mayonnaise.

All of these small plates plus a tad oversalted Miso Steak and we thought we were done. But Dipesh had two favorites he didn’t want us to leave without trying: Meatball sliders and Chicken and Waffles. He was right to have us try these. The sliders are so cute but quite filling. Topped with a tomato bacon jam on a sesame seed bun, I loved that the bun was soft, not so hard that one bite and the contents spill onto the plate.

Meatloaf sliders

Meatloaf sliders with tomato bacon jam

I’m sort of over the Chicken and Waffles thing. It seems like it has been to death, don’t you think? So, I wasn’t expecting much from these. Funny enough, the chef told us she actually had tried to make the dish with a pureed waffle and set the chicken on top, but it didn’t fly with the Kennesaw crowd so she went back to actual waffles. These chicken tenders were quite fantastic. They are prepared with a buttermilk brine.

five 40 tapas kennesaw

If you find yourself in the cobb / Kenensaw area, I hope you’ll check out Five 40 Kitchen & Tapas. Kudos to our server, Renee too for taking great care of us.

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