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Holiday gift guide for travelers and foodies

holiday travel gift guide roamilicious

Stumped on what to get your travel or foodie friend for the holidays? Here are some of the very reasonably price items that caught my eye.

Gift Guide for the traveler:

best travel makeup bag roamilicious

Terrific new makeup travel bag!

Ladies, you will LOVE the KUSSHI bag! Previously my makeup bags have always had a couple zippers where I just throw everything inside. this KUSSHI bag has a foldable compartment that separates all your brushes! I put my eyebrow pencil, brush, blush brush, and makeup brush.  The bag has zippers on three sides and pockets, all for function, durability and style. KUSSHI’s brand takes its name from a type of oyster known for its smooth, gemlike shell, an inspiration for the design of the original bag. KUSSHI also means “happiness” in Hindu and “protected” in Japanese. $79.


best lightweight travel tote roamilicious

Have you ever heard of Mobile Edge? They make some very cool travel bags! I really like the new Special Edition Metro Tote which can function as a hand bag / carry on. Its lightweight and easy to carry. The large, main compartment features a top zipper closure and and interior that includes separate padded pockets for a laptop and tablet. It makes it easy to get these in and out when you are passing through airport security and quickly pace them back in and be on the go again! Additionally, there is an internal, integrated accessory organizer with storage for pens, a smartphone, flash drives, and other accessories, plus a handy key fob holder. I love how everything is so organized. A zippered exterior pocket provides secure storage and quick access for a phone or other items. $89.99

SmartPack Travel backpack

ultimate travel backpack mobile edge Roamiliious

This is the ultimate backpack for a traveler

The SmartPack Backpack is ergonomically designed and super lightweight, perfect for holding a laptop and tablet with ample space for books, files, and other accessories. I do love that it’s made with water-resistant nylon, padded shoulder straps which add a lot comfort. The SmartPack comes in eight color options: black, silver, royal blue, charcoal, carbon, crimson red, wheat, and teal. $59.99.

Stocking stuffer gift guide for the foodie:

If you are looking for a gift for a foodie, and are stumped, these are sure to please.

foodie gifts, foodie gift guide

Easily spread cold butter, cream cheese and more with Spread That!

Spread THAT! and Scoop THAT!
• Technology uses the heat from your hand to make spreading and scooping easy
• Spread cold butter, chocolate or cream cheese without waiting
• Scoop ice cream 25% faster than other ice cream scoops and quick non-stick release


foodie gifts, foodie gift guide

Whiskey Wedge by Corkcicle-A new slant on whiskey sipping
• The artful way to perfectly chill, but not water down your favorite spirits
• Silicone form fits perfectly in the glass, fill glass with water, freeze and remove form-now you have a
perfect wedge of low melting ice in your glass.


For more gift ideas check out


Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker
foodie gifts, foodie gift guide $14.99 Stainless
$9.99 Black or Green
By using downward pressure and a ‘rocking’ motion, this tool breaks up garlic cloves quickly and
easily, forcing the pieces up through the mesh of holes in its base.
The crushed pieces are then held in the curved design, allowing them to be spooned or scraped
conveniently into a pan or bowl.
Additional cloves can also be crushed at this stage before emptying.
Rocker™ is easy to clean under running water but is also dishwasher safe.

SiftStir by the Everyday Gourmet
foodie gifts, foodie gift guide $15.99
• Unique whisk AND sifter combination
• Strong wires enable you to whisk heavy, wet ingredients
• Slip on the custom designed mesh cylinder and you can sift dry ingredients together
• Dishwasher safe, 18/8 Stainless Steel
The SiftStir is a unique whisk designed with sturdy, strong wires that are tough enough to whisk heavy
wet ingredients such as pudding, batters, sauces and even stiff dough. Just slip the custom designed
mesh cylinder over the whisk and it becomes a sifter that allows you to sift dry ingredients as easily as
whisking them. Uniformly combine dry ingredients with the ease and convenience of using a whisk.

Stocking Stuffer

Garlic Cone
What is GarlicCone? GarlicCone is a new kitchen utensil that makes peeling garlic quick and easy.  The new GarlicCone is the result of a quest to make garlic peeling as quick and easy. The GarlicCone is made out of environmentally friendly, silicone-like, soft plastic. By popping one or a couple of garlic cloves inside the cone and rubbing it between your palms, the peel is removed.

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