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Food Truck: Finn’s Island Style Grub, Panama City Beach

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I love food trucks and thrilled with how far the food truck movement has come in Atlanta. Sampling many tasty treats for cheap prices? What’s not to love? I condescendingly assumed that if Atlanta was slow to progress with the food truck movement, that there’s no way food trucks would be present in Panama City Beach. But to my surprise, we spotted Finn’s Island Grub food truck shortly after arriving at the beach.

Before the five hour drive back to Atlanta, we decided we’d fill up on tacos at Finn’s Island Grub. Besides tacos, Finn’s Island Grub serves burritos, quesadillas, salads, nachos and even Ceviche. They make bold claims about their Ceviche being “The Best You’ve Ever Had” so a sampling of that was in order too.

I have to admit the Ceviche at Finn’s Island Grub was delicious. There were large chunks of rare Tuna and the onions, tomatoes, and cilantro were extremely fresh. However, Mr. ARB and I prefer a mixed Ceviche – one with shrimp, calamari, scallops and fish, or at least two of those. But I’m not complaining – we devoured it. And our tacos, Blackened shrimp and grilled fish were filled to brim and yummy.

Totally stuffed and as ready as we could be for the drive home, I was really happy we’d chosen to stop at Finn’s Island Grub for our last meal. The only criticisms that I have is that given that it was a food truck, the food took a really long time to be prepared and that the pricing isn’t what you’d expect from a food truck. The portions are more like a restaurant meal rather than a small taste. So, the pricing was more.

My experience with food trucks is that you place your order and can expect it to be ready in a couple minutes, but we waited at least 15 minutes for our food to be prepared. The other thing is that since portions are larger, the pricing is higher. Don’t get me wrong, the pricing is reasonable for what you get, I’d just have preferred smaller samples. For example, the Ceviche, while not something I’d expect from a food truck was $9 for the small and $18 for the large. And you can’t just order one taco, which I’d have liked to do, you must two of the same.

Having said all that, I wouldn’t hesitate to eat there again. I’m just glad I know what to expect. If you find yourself in the Panama City Beach area and craving some tasty tacos, definitely plan to hit up Finn’s Island Grub.

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  • Yummy! Streetfoods in India are mostly dust, that’s why this looks new to me.

  • Their site is working now! They must have integrated flash during its busy days. I was able to take a look at their diner menu and the Latin food choices look interesting enough for me to at least want to try them out once in my lifetime!

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