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Best features of the Ford Expedition [comfy ride for everyday or roadtrips]


I recently visited Music City for the first time and I was thrilled to be driving the Ford Expedition the three and half drive from Atlanta to Nashville. We loaded up the trunk and easily fit our suitcases in there without having to fold down the last row. As I drove the car for a full week, I was able to to discover some of the best features of the Expedition.

Prior to heading out of town, I drove the Expedition King Ranch (top of the line model) to work and found it incredibly comfortable. I love how high it sits too. My daily driver is a sedan, and I struggle to see with some blind spots, so driving the Ford Expedition was a breath of fresh air. 



What a beautiful ride it is driving up to Nashville!

Favorite features of the Ford Expedition

1. Sound System is phenomenal in the Expedition 

One of the things I first do when I get into any car is turn on the sound system. Living in Atlanta and dealing with the constant traffic, having my music is important to me. And I noticed the quality of the sound system in the Ford Expedition immediately. No surprise that it was Bang and Olufsen. It is one of the best quality sounds systems you can have. It blew my Bose out of the water!  Plus, the sound isn’t just something for front seat passengers to enjoy. The speakers throughout the Ford Expedition deliver quality sound. 

2. Comfy back seating for your guests in the Ford Expedition 

Speaking of the back seating, it is comfortable for adults and made for them, not just kids. There are even heated seats for the second row! Those in the second row can control the temperature and have plugs for devices too. And, although they may not be able to control the radio from the second row in the Ford Expedition, that doesn’t mean they can’t still enjoy the comfy ride. 


Excellent features in the second row passengers in the Ford Expedition

Now, the third row may not provide all of these comforts but, it sure is easy to get to. No need to fold down seats or anything like that to access that. Perfect if you’ve got a big crew! 


3. Panoramic Sunroof in the Ford Expedition



Your guests will love the panoramic sunroof in the Ford Expedition

Another thing I truly enjoy in any car? The sunroof. I’m not much of a convertible person, but any car I drive regularly needs to have a sunroof. Not only does the Ford Expedition have a huge panoramic sunroof, but it’s something that those in the second row can enjoy too! 

4. Plenty of storage in the Ford Explorer

Stating the obvious here, but there is plenty of storage in the Ford Expedition. We loaded up our suitcases for the trip to Nashville and they fit comfortably in the Expedition. Of course, we could have folded down the seats but it wasn’t necessary as  the Ford Expedition not only is wide but high enough to stack things on top of each other. 

5. Helpful backup camera on the Ford Expedition



A replica of the Parthenon in Nashville – check it out!

During our stop in Nashville, we did take the car out to dinner and did a few tourist things in Nashville. One of the stops was the Parthenon – a replica of the same spot as in Greece. You can see the backup camera on the SUV and how it helps get an overview of the entire space. As you can imagine driving a large vehicle such as this could be a bit intimidating but the backup camera makes gliding in and out (even tight spots) really easy! 



6. The Ford Expedition sits high up 

Maybe it is the curse of being a short person that makes me want to sit higher but I do love it. I really hate crowds because I am so short I can’t see anything going on around me and it is scary. 

When I got my first “grown up” bed it was so high, I needed a step stool to get up on it. I am not even kidding. So, it’s natural to want to have an SUV. I almost always take an SUV on any road trip for the comfort and viewing – you never know when you will want to pull out that camera for a photo opp. The Ford Expedition sits high, I mean even higher than other SUVs. I loved that I was able to see so much as well drove. 


No height restrictions here – the Ford Expedition sits high up for excellent viewing.

We also went to a car museum on our last day in Nashville. My hubby is kind of a car guy. Most of the cars are European cars – but it was still interesting to see the history of all the cars and what was once considered technologically advanced! But after we had a look around we were quite happy to be riding home in comfort and style in the Ford Expedition!

car museum-nashville

If you enjoy cars, stop by the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville!


car museum fun

Something about this photo reminds me of a Mentos commercial, what say you?

Our trip to Nashville was quick but fun, and I know I’ll be back – what a fun city! Our ride was made so pleasant by having the smooth and comfortable Ford Expedition.

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