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Foundation Social Eatery Roswell, GA, First Impressions

Foundation social eatery roswell, ga

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Foundation Social Eatery is a welcome addition to Roswell. The modern decor – light bright walls and dark wood floors mixed with rebar, yes, rebar, made me feel like I was at a swanky Midtown hot spot instead of Roswell. Not that there’s anything wrong with Roswell.

One thing to note is that Foundation Social Eatery is not located in the over-crowded Canton Street area where parking is a nightmare. They are located in a strip mall on Holcomb Bridge Road, in the same complex as Aqua Blue.

Foundation Social Eatery cocktails Foundation Social Eatery roswell, ga
Before we even sat down to dinner, the charcuterie and cocktails, a preview of the goodness that was about to come our way, was not only a pretty presentation, but exquisite.

Our six course meal was glorious but rather than dissect each course, I’m just going to give you the highlights. First, can we just talk about how gorgeous this Octopus is? More often than not, I’ve had Octopus that is tough or rubbery, but this, this was done just right. I was just sad we were dining family style and I had to share. After this, came a lovely beet salad that was anything but boring. Made with pickled strawberries, it really set the salad apart from every other beet salad available at Atlanta restaurants.

fried octopus at Foundation Social Eatery

Fried Octopus

Now for THE highlight of the evening: The Mushroom Ravioli. Now, mind you, this dish was on a menu with not only the beautiful fried Octopus above but sauteed scallops over carrot puree (which was a beautiful and tasty dish in its own right). What makes it so special? Besides a lot of garlic, there’s the red wine truffle sauce and foamy texture.

Foundation Social Eatery Dick and Harry's roswell ,ga

Mushroom Ravioli

Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse takes the cake at Foundation Social Eatery. Really. The name sounds so…chi chi, doesn’t it? I’m not even a fan of the tea, but this dessert was outstanding. The Earl Grey flavor came through in each bite. Who would ever think to pair that with chocolate, right? But it came together perfectly.

Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse

Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse

One thing you should be prepared for is that dinners seem really loooong here. This isn’t a rush you in and rush you out sort of spot. Most of the customers like to linger for over two hours, especially on weekends. So, do make sure to make reservations whenever you plan to dine at Foundation Social Eatery.

Disclosure: This was a media dinner and I did not pay for my meal. But the opinions expressed are my own. 

Foundation Social Eatery Website
1570 Holcomb Bridge Rd
Roswell, GA 30076

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